Twin flames, starseeds, light-beings – welcome!

Hi beautiful starseed / twin flame!

Please have a look around my site. Hopefully you’ll find something that resonates.

Discovering you’re a twin flame and starseed can be a truly wonderful homecoming of sorts. Suddenly you “get it”, why you didn’t feel like you fit in your whole life, why you longed for “home” all the time, and why there was always a deep feeling of something missing inside, at your core.

So finding out you’re a twin and starseed can help answer those questions, and that longing. It’s also a time though when a difficult part of the journey begins. As twins know, it is a very testing journey, but ultimately incredibly rewarding – if we can just get there.

Endurance is required. A temperance and balance and restraint we may never have had before. And the strength to face difficulties from this life and past ones, many traumas and suffering and losses that have to be healed and cleared in order to get our full strength back. As we go deeper into the journey, it often feels like the journey just gets more and more intricate and complicated, but you are actually making progress. You need to believe that, and cut yourself some slack. It is often a really hard journey!

But we are not alone on this. It turns out we have the whole angelic realm and ascended masters ever ready to give us a hand and push us through all the dark hours we may face – and there will be many on the twin journey. And our star families are also ready to guide us too – we just need to ask, with the right intentions and a loving heart, and then tune in to ourselves and quiet our minds and our ego negativity which can make us doubt. Our intuition is always there to guide us and it is directly linked to our higher self and our team of light.

So though the journey can be tough, get ready for the ultimate reward: connection and re-connection – to yourself first, then source, then your twin – or a divine soul mate, where this is a spiritually better course for you. Spirit always has your best interests at heart, you are just required to trust and surrender to the divine’s plans for you.

This journey really is miraculous.

I hope you resonate with the messages on this site, and that they bring you some comfort and guidance.  This is a journey that will help you re-find the real you, the brilliant, loving being of light and strength, that perfect soul and spirit born of divine source light that came here with a very specific mission or two, in service of source. Nothing less than that!

Much love, and thank you for your service!



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