8 Week Soul Retrieval + Healing “Bootcamp” program

The details of this program were channeled 22 April 2019

This is an eight (8) week Soul Retrieval and Healing “Bootcamp” program that will involve 4 one-on-one Zoom or Skype sessions of 45 minutes each.

The program is intense and requires a commitment to some meditation between sessions.

We will meet together every two weeks.  It is expected you will experience some purging and clearing as well as energetic activations from your spirit team, that could affect your energy and impact your daily living, so it is essential you are able to fit this program into your life.

In the sessions, energetic clearing energies can be expected from galactic family of light the Arcturians and Andromedans, the Archangels and angelic realm, as well as healing energies from Ascended Masters such as Goddess Isis, Mary Magdalen, and St Germain and light activations and healing from the angelic realm.

If guided by your team, we will also conduct Akashic healing and soul frequency retrieval with the angelic realm in the sessions.  Please note, this could include childhood trauma clearing and soul frequency retrieval from childhood timelines, if your guides so direct.

You can expect some intense clearing from this program, healing energies, guidance on soul strengthening strategies, and channeled guidance from your team of light.

It is expected the effects of the sessions can start from a few days before and go for up to two weeks after a session as the changes integrate.


  • Four one-on-one sessions of 45 minutes each.
  • We meet via Zoom or Skype.
  • The sessions are recorded and emailed to you (Zoom).
  • Will likely include activations, clearing energies, Akashic (past life) healing and soul frequency retrieval. For twin flames, sessions could involve healing for your twin soul counterpart.
  • Sessions are scheduled every 2 weeks for 8 weeks, so the program is intense.


What I have seen in the program in practice is soul frequency retrieval of past timelines even from this lifetime, soul frequency retrieval for souls close to the client (eg children, the twin flame), and retrieval of soul fragments lost from childhood trauma (for the client, their twin flame, or even a child).

The program has been quite intense, and it has been amazing to watch the enormity of what the clients’ guides bring in for healing in each session.

Please note, what is dealt with in the sessions is determined by your spirit guides; I am directed to the healing that they wish to bring in for you.

Email me if you have any questions:  betikotevski@gmail.com

Soul Frequency Retrieval “Bootcamp” 8 week program ($320USD/$440AUD)

4 one on one sessions of 45 minutes each, via Zoom or Skype, scheduled over 8 weeks. Very intense. Physical and energetic effects can be expected.



For Australian residents, please use this link to make the payment of $440, where you can select AUD:  paypal.me/betikotevski

Please note, you can pay in smaller installments to assist.