Accelerated Andromedan Starseed Activation

All details of this service were channeled 22 May 2019

“Dear child, For the children, our children, starseeds who have the “old head on their shoulders” – they know who they are – we are gathering with the Archangels and the Galactic Federation star races of love and light, to offer the Accelerated Andromedan Starseed Activation.

This takes all the aspects of the Arcturian energetic activations. It is very intense also, and will have physical effects.  But there is also a heart chakra focus and it’s the universal heart chakra, the “higher heart” that this activation will also incorporate, as well as all the intense third eye and crown activations.

We have come to your galaxy to assist in this immeasurably important time.  We have come forth to assist Gaia.  And now we wish to step up our collaboration, to bring in and move upwards, dramatically, in radical ways, our most determined and committed starseeds. You know the depths of their wisdom. Yes, you have loved working with the starseeds we have brought you. And now, we, and they, are to go to the “next level”, as you say.

Where there is fear, there is to be confidence.  Where there was doubt, there is to be knowing. Knowing in their divine truth, divine essence, and a knowing in the purity and strength of their conviction.  Because you know, and they know, their convictions – and at times, even rage, or despair, at the way things are – comes from a place of truth, honesty, and pure love.  Comes from their remembrance of their truth – that they know a better way, a divine way, the pure way – if only they could share this way with the world, and if only the world would listen.

So please, our dear children, know and trust you are in the right, the right place and the right knowing, for what you came to do – now transform your despair into action. It’s all so far from lost, it’s only just begun, and you are about to step into exactly what you need to do and how you need to do it, for there is no more time for despair, only trust now.

We are at your shoulder, gently pushing you forward to trust your inner knowing. Of spectacular purity, this inner Andromedan knowing is!  God’s originals! Dear children, step forth now, in love and trust of all that is going to unfold.

And we reiterate: we came here to assist, just as all our other star cousins did. And now, similarly, it is time for your remembrance, and time for you to consciously assist.

Time for you to step up and into the roles you chose for yourself before your fall to the earth frequency.  It’s time and it’s here.  Gaia needs this. We are by your side, to work to get you to the next level.

Eternally, in love and devotion to source and the higher consciousness and elevation of Gaia,

The Andromedans”

“Dear child, that is our message and now for our service: –

We require:

  • 2 sessions of 45 minutes each
  • The impacts will be as large as the Arcturian accelerated service.
  • We also require you to channel messages before the session for each starseed.
  • The first session will be the most physical activation, and requires integration and rest.
  • The second session will focus on heart healing and emotional body healing, and we will be calling in the assistance of various ascended masters and the Chohans of the Ruby Ray and the violet flame, for emotional body healing and twin soul activations, where the starseed is also a twin flame.

Dear child, please press forward with this offering.

We are wanting to be clear: we do want outcomes from our starseeds and we will be increasing pressure on them to “go public” with their various endeavours.  Please make this known.

But also make known they are always loved and supported, and in this incarnation, there is nothing to fear.

This is a healing and ascension soul mission activation for Andromedan starseeds, the originals, and we are expecting big things from them.

Eternal love,

The Andromedan High Council, working with the Lyran Council of Light, Ascended Masters, the earth spiritual hierarchy, and the Archangels”


Includes the Arcturian accelerated energetic activations as follows:  numerous crown and third eye-related chakras and talents, including the fourth eye, as well as clearing and activating the Merkabah (etheric light body), latent creativity aspects currently blocked, including the sacral chakra, several cosmic-connected chakras in the 8-12 (above the crown) will also be cleared and activated.

The Andromedan starseed accelerated activation is aimed at:

  • accelerating soul mission
  • clearing blocks
  • activating latent talents and cosmic chakras, light body, third eye, fourth eye, crown chakra (as in the Arcturian accelerated activation)

as well as:

  • activating the universal heart, or “high heart” chakra
  • offering healing and activation with St Germain’s violet flame
  • offering healing with the Ruby Ray
  • supporting divine twin flame union, and union with the self and source.


Physical effects. Some dizziness may result.  Ideally, rest for 2-3 days post activation, especially after the first session. Note, activation effects can start once booking has occurred.


  • This activation involves two separate sessions of 45 minutes each (total price $144USD, includes both sessions)
  • Both sessions are online via Zoom or Skype.
  • The sessions will most likely be 2 weeks apart.
  • Several days’ rest/integration time is required after the first session.
  • Physical effects are likely. Please note: this could include dizziness.
  • Please email me before making payment to make sure this activation is the best fit for you.
  • Email contact:

Accelerated Andromedan Starseed Energetic Activation

Includes 2 x 45 min online sessions via Zoom/Skype. This service involves a combination of energetic activations for Andromedan starseeds. This is an accelerated service. Will have physical effects, post-activation integration and rest is needed. This service includes the Arcturian accelerated activations as well as high heart, violet flame, and Ruby Ray healing energies and activations, and divine twin flame union energies where relevant.