Akashic healing/Soul Frequency Retrieval

**Please note, unless previously arranged, Akashic healing will now no longer be offered as a separate stand-alone service but only as part of other programs.

For example, if required, during any starseed session, I will ask the Archangels to assist with Akashic healing and soul frequency retrieval.


Akashic healing + Soul Frequency/Fragment Retrieval sessions

If you are called to pursue Akashic or past timeline healing, I have been authorised by the Angelic realm to offer this service.

Akashic healing is a deeply transformative process.

The Akashic records are the universe’s storehouse of information on all souls’ past timelines. (Like a spiritual or energetic library holding all the records of your past lives, or past timelines of this lifetime.)

We will be taken to the Akashic records by the Archangels and guided on which lives/timelines to heal/release and retrieve lost soul fragments/frequencies for.  You will be protected by the Archangels and galactic family of light, such as the Andromedans and Arcturians, during the session (who secure the astral realms).

If you are a twin flame, you will receive channeled information relating to past lives with your twin (where relevant) enabling you to close those cycles and release wounds, grief and trauma for both of you. You are two separate souls who have shared timelines together, but you also have many timelines of your own that may need healing.

Akashic/past life/past time line healing and soul frequency retrieval can have very physical effects, for days to weeks, as your body integrates the soul fragments and purges or releases deep wounds and emotions. However, you could also feel much lighter and happier straight after. I have had such feedback from many clients.

Long term, it is my personal experience that this kind of soul fragment retrieval is essential for a feeling of wholeness for many twin flames and starseeds, allowing them to move forward with full confidence and reclaim their strength, voice, and spiritual gifts.

You may have done trauma and wound healing, relationship counseling, and cognitive therapy (all of which I believe can be very beneficial), but may not feel whole or complete. It’s like something is missing, a part of your core.

That’s where Akashic healing can really help, after you’ve looked at all of the other areas in your life that need work and worked to heal those wounds, but still don’t feel whole.

What happens during a session?

We start by getting channeled information on your situation, whether you are a starseed or twin flame (or both!) and particularly, details on past lives where you have key wounds and trauma from, and that are affecting your current life and union (if you are a twin).

We do go into your current wounds, so that may be confronting.

You will find you resonate at a deep level with much of the information that comes in.

The angelic realm, working with your higher self, will guide us as to what you are ready for and what is in your best and highest interests to heal at the time. They also choose how many lives you clear at once. If you are fast tracked, this could be many, many lives!

We ask the Archangels to retrieve lost frequencies for you and your twin (if relevant), and any children involved.

Yes, the children of starseeds and twin flames are also often twin flames and starseeds, themselves, and can carry a lot of trauma from past lives.

Physical impacts

Such clearing usually has physical impacts and integration periods, so the sessions should be scheduled when you will have the opportunity to rest for the following 2-3 days.  Make sure to hydrate well and keep your thoughts positive.

Allow any emotion that comes up to be released, acknowledging that it is old energy and no longer of relevance to your current life.

Akashic healing helps you move towards feeling whole and optimistic about life, if you also continue to work on your personal growth and balance.

You will be protected at all times during the session, with Archangel and Arcturian presence to seal your energy field.

**Twin flames note: Akashic healing is very relevant to the twin flame journey. Clearing past life karma that has built up between twins aids the individual’s ascension journey and helps twins progress towards union.  Many current life triggers between counterparts have deep roots in past lives and the karma that has built up between twins.

How to organise a session?

Please email me once you have made the payment below, to let me know suitable times and your timezone. My email is:  betikotevski@gmail.com

These sessions are conducted online via Zoom/Skype at a time that suits you.  Please download the Zoom app if you can, or let me know your Skype name if you prefer Skype.


**Akashic healing energy exchange (please book only if already arranged with me):

45min session $90 USD / $130 AUD

Pay via paypal.me/betikotevski  (where you can choose US or AUD currency)

The 90min session is no longer available due to time constraints.