Andromedan Starseed Activation Service and Messages

On 17 December 2018, I received a request from the Andromedans to offer a starseed activation service for Andromedan starseeds.

I am humbled to be able to offer this service now to assist you to soar into your starseed and soul potential on earth.

If the below message resonates with you, please contact me at for pricing and session information.

Channeled message from King Andromeda, 17 Dec 2018 requesting an Andromedan Starseed Activation Service

Dear children,

Elder advice from the Andromedan galaxy is forthcoming and we want to connect with our starseed family incarnated on earth to propel your ascension journeys forward and because your particular creative and logical combination, as well as the deep, starseed wisdom in your DNA, is particularly needed on Gaia.

We are using this channel, our cousin of Lyran origins, who is of an impeccable purity of heart and insurmountable deep wisdom born of many eons in your galaxy, to activate your Andromedan Gaian starseed potential and we want to help you activate this now.

Connect with us, the time is now, there is only now, and there is no time to waste.

Dear Andromedan starseed, if this message resonates deep within your soul, it is your soul’s call to connect today with this channel.

Please do not let hesitation stand in the way of your soul’s progress.

We cannot wait to begin our activation journey with you.

Let us start today!

King Andromeda and your Andromedan family of the stars



The Andromedan starseed activation service will consist of one 45 minute online Skype or Zoom session or one 90 minute session (priced at $66USD or $133USD respectively) – I will be guided as to which session you will need. The length of the session appropriate to you will be determined by where you are at in the ascension journey.

Alternatively, you can opt for 2 separate 45 minute sessions at $66USD each which allow for energetic integration of changes in between sessions.

We will meditate together and call in your Andromedan family, the Archangels, the Ascended Masters and your higher self to get you the channeled guidance you need, to enlighten you on where you came from and what you need to do to get you onto your starseed path, open up to the clairvoyant and psychic gifts that await you, as well as connect you to your soul mission – what you came here to do!

I will also have channeled messages for you directly from your Andromedan family.

Please email me at if this resonates with you! Payment buttons appear below. Could you please email me once you have made payment to arrange the appointment times.

Andromedan Starseed Activation – 45 minute online session


Andromedan Starseed Activation 90 minute online session