Archangel Channeled Messages

Starseeds + Lightworkers: Instructions. Plasma wave

Archangel Michael and the Earth Forces Galactic Command

Channeled 16 May 2019

Child, we communicate instructions for the lightworker collective on earth, particularly our starseeds, whose time has come now, to take fully the power that is theirs, by right.

Plasma waves and diamond light codes will pour in now and hit earth in three earth days from now.

We ask all starseeds to prepare their bodies for the full week integration that is required.

We require starseeds to live lightly in this period of time.

Avoid toxins and substances that strain your body, avoid heavy ingestants, and ensure you are well-hydrated with high frequency water.

Ensure you hear the call of your bodies to lie down and rest when the waves are hitting particularly hard.

This will be felt by most from late Friday to Sunday evening New York time this weekend.

Ensure you do not give the dark energies the opportunity to take you down, by taking leave of the “hustle and bustle”, and staying in, and staying with yourselves at this time.

When the energies hit, the dark tends to latch onto any light it can find, to feed off, as it scrambles for survival.

Dear divine starseeds, know that the intensity of your light, its quality, its purity, is a target for these entities.

Do not fear, but do protect yourselves.  Shield your energy fields.

Call in the divine beings of light you resonate with, to bolster your defences.

We repeat:  do not fear, just prepare, rest, and listen to your soul’s direction at this time.  It is guided by higher lights who know what is best for you.

Stop looking outside yourselves for these answers of what is best for you. It’s already inside of you.

Out of fear, only, and sometimes stubborn resistance, you have ignored its call.  No longer.

There are no grievances here, just love and support for your journey and ours, into higher, accelerated and lightened times.

It’s here. Rejoice.

We are here, we are always here. And always with you.

You are never alone.

You have never been alone.

We never left our most precious starseeds to fend for themselves on this difficult planet.

But those difficult times are ending and the challenges beginning to disappear.

Have faith, first and foremost in yourselves, and in the truth of the divinity, the eternal divinity, of your soul.

Eternally, in solidarity, and for the light,

Archangel Michael and the Earth forces Galactic Command

Lightworkers, Step into your Missions + Reason for Current Gaia energies

Archangel Michael and the Lyran Council of Light

Channeled 11 May 2019


As you know, this has been a spiritual war, aimed at rescuing Gaia and humanity, you know the reasons, you know the stakes.

Those who volunteered know why they came, now they are remembering.

The solar waves and other Great Central Sun waves are designed to, as you say, “fry the dark”, because they cannot exist at those frequencies.

It does hit the human body though, so requires integration, rest, hydration, proper light nutrition,  grounding in nature, etc.

But they’re necessary, these waves, and we assure you all, they are “doing the job”.

Slowly, Gaia becomes so much freer and lighter from the energies that have weighed on her for so long, to the point where there was little hope.

And that’s where the volunteers entered, and that’s why we are eternally grateful for your work and sacrifice, as are other races in the universe, as this elevation of Gaia’s frequency, enabling her ascension, affects the rest of the universe.  It does. Don’t doubt.

Now, we call on those who have missions, and you know who you are, as you have heard this call and felt this pull your whole life, to step up and produce what you came here to produce.

The art, the stories, the music, the architecture, the new education systems for 5D earth, the new ideas to help Gaia heal her body, the earth.

Step up and out, produce, create, make, ideate.

Start now.

There’s no time.  You’ve heard this call before, now we need you to sit up and get started.

This directly impacts the frequency of Gaia, and therefore, the hope of humanity in clearing, once and for all, the toxic energies that have, for so long, so negatively impacted this magnificent planet.

So many light beings of the ethers are waiting to work with you.

Call in those who inspire you.

Where you are working from the heart, for the good of humanity, you will get all the assistance you need, to make your dreams come true, and where these dreams help others, this process will be sped up considerably.

So, do not sit and doubt, as that feeds the negative energies, and gives them more time to regroup, which only helps to defeat our efforts. And when we say “our”, of the spiritual realm, we say yours too, as you are always with us up here, dear lightworkers, twin flames and starseeds, working with us to end the reign of this scourge once and for all.

We know you have paid a price, and you will be rewarded.

Eternally, in love, hope, and solidarity,

Archangel Michael and the Lyran Council of Light.

Twin Flames on Gaia, Pack your Bags. Are you ready to love like the Christ Light?

Message from Archangel Michael, the Lyran Council of Light, Yeshua, Mary Magdalen, Lord Sanat Kumara

Channeled 22 April 2019

Child, this is a message for all twin flames residing on Gaia.

A great awakening is taking place.

Starseeds are beginning to remember their origins.

Divine Masculines are beginning to move towards their Divine Feminine eternal twin soul counterpart and closing some of the most difficult chapters in their lives.

Divine Feminines, we ask of you:  compassion, the deepest you can muster, at this time please, for what your Masculine has experienced.

Divine Feminines, this does not mean tolerating abuse of any kind. In that situation, you must set proper boundaries to protect your energy.

There have been major shifts on planet earth, and the karmic wheel has turned.

We are closing out karma for many twin flames who are on the path of their soul calling.

We therefore urge all twins to hear the calling of their soul – to move towards that work of service to Gaia, animals, humans, service of the light – as the rewards now for taking such steps will be rapid.

We urge you to trust the pull coming from deep within you.

We urge you to take even small steps that move you onto the path of the true light that guides you, your team, who will never let you down, and never guide you in error.

Dearest divine eternal twin souls, our gratitude for your work you cannot know the depths of.

But it has not finished.

We need one last push from you, and from there, the glories of heaven will come to that most magnificent planet Gaia, and all because of your continuing love, faith, and trust in God, the Divine, and in your own soul’s truth.

Now, dearest twin flames, we are pushing you towards your counterpart, towards the union you have dreamt of for so long.

We ask you to pack your bags, to get ready, but to pack light.

We want no emotional baggage to accompany you.

We want all grudges against your twin to be released and cleared, once and for all, because this next stage of the journey requires a faith and trust you have never had before in this life.

We are asking you to release everything except the pure divine love you feel for your twin soul counterpart, the unconditional love and compassion you feel for your twin soul and for yourself, and the indestructible love and trust you feel in the One Truth, the Oneness, the All that is, your God, your Source, the light of the Universe.

That is all you are to take on this journey towards union with your twin.

We ask you to invite the most magnificent light in, now, guided to you by the Archangels and the Ascended Masters, who have walked with you this entire time, loving and protecting you, teaching you to keep your hearts open, to keep them pure, to fill your thoughts only with light, to fill your hearts only with love and compassion and forgiveness, for you and your twin soul, and for all who have done you wrong.

For, all will be dealt with by the Divine Light, and you do not need to carry the burden of grudges or vengeance. That is not your burden to carry and only serves to block your most pure hearts.

Dear divine twin souls, you have no idea of the perfection of the universe, not yet;

You have no idea of all the invisible hands who steady you when you stumble, not yet;

But soon, in the rain of joy and heaven that is coming to Gaia, you will know and see all.

Until then, prepare your hearts and pack your bags.

You need to be ready now, to love properly, to love like the Christ Light.

Can you rise to this challenge, twins?

Show us please.


Archangel Michael, the Lyran Council of Light, Yeshua, Mary Magdalen, Lord Sanat Kumara



Archangel Michael – Twin Flames, Changes to the program – Relief for twins in despair

channeled 10 January 2019

Dear child, it is Archangel Michael,

I have messages for the collective.

There is so much fear, and your hopes have been replaced by lower vibrational energy which is detrimental to your soul’s development and growth, and detrimental to the ascension plan for humanity and Gaia.

Changes are being made to the twin flame experiment.

Do not fear. This does not affect most souls in the experiment. For those souls, we say simply wait, dear children, you have done the work, and in response, we are working, to bring you all that you desire, your union of pure unconditional love with your perfect divine counterpart. Again we say, prepare, as for most of you, this is coming soon, and certainly in line with the Gaian ascension plan which is set to be implemented fully by completion of 2020.

So prepare, dear children, are you strong enough?

Be most truthful to your soul about this, as how could true joy possibly reside in your hearts if you are lying to your soul?

The two must be in sync.

Be truthful about all the things you must change now, twins, to get into your full power and strength, so that when your union comes, you are your very best and strongest capacity to hold the diamond light frequencies that will pour in to Gaia, to light up her grid, to bring up the frequency, and to raise all of humanity up to where they always deserved to go, before the dark attempted their takeover.

The power of that light, the diamond light waves, can you only imagine it? We ask you, imagine the strength and purity of that light, and know this: twins, you will be anchoring this light into Gaia. You! This is your service to source.

So start today, to get into your full truth, if you haven’t already, about whether you really are ready to be the strength to hold up this light for humanity.

It’s time for mirror work twins.  How strong are your vessels, emotionally, physically, mentally? The thoughts you entertain, are they toxic to your soul’s growth and purity, to the pure frequency of unconditional love that should now reside in your hearts and guide every move you make, each day?

And twins, how strong are you spiritually? Do you trust in us? Do you believe in this, your full divine essence carrying the power of source onto Gaia?

This is what we ask of you twins, to interrogate every part of you now, to prepare for the re-entry of your divine counterpart, who has transformed, who has changed, we have worked on it and we assure you, they are not the same.

They are coming into their full divinity and building the strength necessary to step forward as emissaries of the light force on Gaia.

This incredible time is now just around the corner, as you like to say, just around the corner.

So we ask you, interrogate everything about you, everything that is false must now be released.

There is no more tolerance of any falsehoods in you twins, and in lightworkers generally, because you all now have to fully step into the truth of what you came here to do: anchor source power into Gaia, to help her and humanity ascend.

So many of you are already there, you have made it to 5D, you have closed off negative timelines.  But we want you to share this gift of divine source love with all others, too.

And your service is to work on yourselves, to make your vessels the strongest they can be, so source power can rain fully down on Gaia again, ending all the transgressions that were made against her spirit and the spirit of humanity, ending all the misery that ensued, that you and all soul beings of light have been trapped in for eons.

It is the end of such entrapment. The dark knows this.  It has scrambled with impoverished attempts at re-emergence but we were not to have it, nothing in the universe could tolerate any such attempts any more, and on the order of source, all outlets were closed down, all escape routes shut off, and as we have said before, they have been blown apart.

But I am not here to dwell on this action.  Just know this, lightworkers:  you fight at night, endlessly, these battles against the dark, and you always have, and that is why you are so very tired.

But relief is coming, it is coming so very soon.

Just hang in there for now, we are sending relief efforts in daily.

Now listen children of the twin community who have lost all hope.  We are worried about the frequencies of the planet.  When hope is lost, frequencies of negativity start to rise and take over, where there were previously positive, high vibrations.

So know this. In response, only for those souls who are utterly desperate and without any hope at reuniting with their twin counterpart, you are to direct a message to source, now, to ask him and the universe and the guides who are implementing this program, that you wish for immediate release from it, and whether such release can be granted.

This is not for all twins.

This is not for high frequency twins who are not able to be excised from their divine missions.

This is for the hopeless, twins in utter despair that their unions will never happen.

We have acted hard to push counterparts onto the right path, the path they agreed to, but because we also respect free will, we will allow some changes to be made, if it is in the highest good of all.

We know some counterparts have fallen, stuck in situations in a permanent loop, possibly due to addictions and co-dependencies, with little prospect of emerging.

Though we never lose faith in your ability to emerge from such co-dependencies, and we ask you to know your teams of light will never give up on you in such situations, for the relief of the patient counterparts, whose frequencies have fallen terribly in such situations, some changes are now allowed to be made.

But these changes must be requested with full depth of commitment that there is no doubt the change is sought, now, and the change must be requested from source.

So I confirm: this is only for a very small minority of twins at the end of their tether, who are in the depths of despair.  Relief will come to you. You are loved and not forgotten.

For all you other warriors of the light, we thank you. Source thanks you.

The angelic realm walks beside you, every day.

Know you are loved and trusted.

Now, trust yourselves, and trust your divine essence, know it, so that it comes out in every step you make, every breath you breathe, every thought you think.

We ask nothing less from you than full confidence in your pure divine essence.

Relief is coming. Stay strong, continue to build and improve your vessel strength in every way you can.

Clear out all toxins, thoughts, materials, vibrations from your energy field, and from your bodies.

You are warriors of light, and the gifts of heaven will rain down on you soon.

Eternally, in love

Archangel Michael


Archangel Michael – Twin Flames Divine Masculines Step into your divine power

Channeled 28 December 2018

Dear child, this is a message we need to put out to the divine masculines.

Masculines, you are not defined by things, and money, and houses, and women, and status, and cars, and career progression.

Masculines, you are defined by your capacity to love, your capacity to open your heart and keep it open, to the pure and infinite love of the father, source, the universe, the love of your mother earth Gaia, and the love of your perfect divine soul counterpart, your feminine.

This is all you should be concerned with – how do you show love to these beings and entities, and your lover, and equally as importantly, how do you receive love from these beings.

Do you allow yourself to receive, to rightfully receive, what is yours, or do you question whether you deserve to receive such energy in its purest form, the highest frequency, of unconditional love?

Masculines, you have gotten used to the desert and lost any faith in an oasis.

You have been used, by the system, and by others, for their gain, and what has suffered the most in all of this is your heart, as it has lost its connection to the divine, it has lost its connection, via clear channels, to soul and spirit, and it has lost its way back to your divine feminine.

All the fear you hold in your heart, that you will fail, that you will be cut, hurt again, deleted from her life, have helped to sever your link back to her.

But this is a call to you, divine masculines, to put faith and trust of your divine feminine’s unconditional love for you back in to your hearts, and this must be done actively and immediately.

You may not think it important. What do I matter, you may ask, what have I ever mattered to anyone?

And that, we of the angelic realm tell you, is your programming.

They want you to believe you don’t matter.

That way, you never come into your power, your complete, pure, divine, infinite power, as a child made in the hands of the divine with your feminine counterpart by your side.

And that way, if you never come into your power, they are safe. The dark is safe.

Those of no light are safe.

But what of all those others, those of the light, those who need guidance, soul beings of Gaia, and Gaia herself.

What happens to them if you don’t come into your power?

A key link in the chain is lost.

Without you, there is no union.

Without union, there is no lighting up of Gaia’s grid.

Without such lighting up, there is no ascension for Gaia to the new earth 5D realm of unconditional love.

Do you see how essential you are?

You feel it in your gut, this is the truth speaking to you, your intuition begging for you to believe in and trust your divine essence, your purity, your source connection, and your crucial role in the ascension plan.

Let your soul start remembering your divine power right now.

Quiet the ego when it starts its challenging noise, it’s just white noise, drown it out.

Never let it override the pure truth of your divine essence.

Let this knowing, this certainty, arise out of you like a volcano that spills forth its power and divine essence in a light so pure and strong, it touches everything around it.

Divine masculines, I am sent from source to ask of you immediately to accept deep within, your divine truth, to step into this truth in your daily life, and to now take every heart-full step you can to move positively and indefatigably towards your most perfect true divine feminine soul counterpart, who awaits the perfection of your arrival, and the arrival into unity with you and the divine, with all the life she has in her.

Eternally yours in guidance and love,

Archangel Michael

channeled 28 December 2018 by B Kotevski


Archangel Metatron – Lightworkers and Twin Flames so important to Gaia’s ascension – 21 December 2018

I see good efforts at healing in the twin community but they have missed the main point – healing and clearing is not supposed to be easy or fun, just as laying the foundations for a house is never easy or fun – unless you are strangely inclined to enjoy hard labour and concrete pouring!

But a builder knows there is no progress, no fancy design without a solid foundation, and that is what you are to tell the collective.

They are building the ascension light-holding vessels for the future of Gaia, for her very ascension, and such building requires only the strongest of foundations and those foundations must start with and be built from the solid ground of healed and cleared vessels, where soul fragments from tortured timelines are retrieved, and where heart channels are cleared and strengthened by purging the grudges and lack of forgiveness you hold on to which poisons and detracts from, serves to weaken the strength of, your heart channel, and once this weakens, your capacity to hold the divine light of source decreases.

When this (capacity) decreases, the impact on Gaia is direct. Delays ensue in that we can’t progress the delivery of the ascension rays to our original timetable.

So you see this is a message for doubting lightworkers and twin flames who don’t believe they are important.

You are so very important.

You made this choice and commitment many eons ago and now the time has come to step into your roles as gatekeepers and grid workers for the light, for the anchoring of divine light on Gaia, and for twin flames for the anchoring of the template of unconditional love in relationships, in all your relationships, especially that with your twin.

How many of you can say your work on this is done, completed, that you have achieved all you set out to do?

Maybe a handful.

For the others, we say: we watch your work and we remain eternally grateful for your efforts.

But don’t stop there, dear souls, don’t stop there, as things are only going to accelerate now.

We tell you – do your work.

Get ready.

We are always here to help you when you need it, so call us in.

Keep your hearts clear of grudges and long held pain.

And don’t block your hearts from love out of fear. That is not your role.

Your role is to show the way and that requires strength at all times, and those of you who have chosen this path determined then that you would have the strength.

You may have forgotten this, and been distracted by the pain of many lifetimes but please, we beg of you: keep the faith of your original commitment.

Keep true to your divine mission of bringing love and light to Gaia.

This was your commitment.

Some of you have remembered, others of you are close to remembering.

To move forward in this recall, we ask you to connect to spirit, your team of light and source power which lies in the truth of your intuition and gut feeling.

This never lies to you.

Source power will never lie to you.

You can do this lightworkers and twin souls, go forth in full strength and confidence.

We have eternal faith in you.

Eternally of love and light,

Archangel Metatron


Archangel Michael – Channeled by B Kotevski on 12 Nov ’18

Beloved one, please communicate my message to the twin collective.

Divine feminines and divine masculines, I need to remind you of your light mission.

I come here in complete divine love and support for you.

I come from source, to share with you the complete gratitude and eternal love source has for you for your dedication, losses suffered, traumas, and finally, utmost commitment and tenacity through the twin flame journey on earth.

We have watched every part of it and it has gone on for eons, and it has most certainly not been easy.

But of course you knew it would not be, that was your sacrifice, but you have forgotten, in the veil of forgetting that is necessary to accept when you descend through the dimensions in order to be able to incarnate on Gaia, the full nature of your sacrifice for this mission.

You have forgotten the immensity of your sacrifice and I mean here to remind you of the nature of the immensity of this sacrifice so that you, dear beloved twin soul lightworkers, can forgive yourselves and release yourselves of any failure you feel in yourself, that you may have somehow been guilty of failing to deliver on a contract with source, that you are somehow guilty of failing to deliver the union that source wanted for you.

You must release any such self-loathing or criticism and that is why I am here, to remind you you are perfect in every way, you are doing all that you can, and this is being acknowledged up here, and know this:  your sacrifices and your pains, your despair, is acknowledged, and we send you healing energy whenever we are asked to, so please do ask.

We are always here to send this energy.

But know this too, dear beloved lightworker twin flames, but do not fear this message:  the light is winning but there is still much dark on earth. As your guardian and protector, I will not allow unions where the health of the parties may be in danger.

This may be a danger as a result of dark forces, and know they will act if light beings of high frequency are brought together too early.

This may also be a danger that results when two vessels who are not strong enough to contain the light power and polarity of the twin flame relationship are brought together too early. That is, before the vessels have been cleared and strengthened in a sustained manner with the pure love and light of divine source energy.

So please twin soul beings, believe and trust in this process, that everything is as it should be, everything in divine timing for the greatest and highest good of all, and that you are eternally loved and protected, that you are energetic beings of divine love and light that exist outside of the limited time and beliefs you have been led to adopt on Gaia.

In eternal gratitude and love,

Archangel Michael


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