Archangel Michael, St Germain + Mary Magdalen Gold Star Twin Flame Guide Program

Developing you, to guide others

This is a guidance program to develop your spiritual gifts, and accelerate your healing and balance, to move you to:

“hold the violet flame and work to guide and show the way to balance and unconditional love to others.”

“The unconditional love template needs to be anchored on earth. Through this Channel, we, the Ascended Masters and Archangels, will work to accelerate and develop the gifts and innate resonance with unconditional love in key guides who are to step forth now and plant their particular gifts in the world.

The first gift is that of pure light and the pure divine resonance of unconditional love in the heart. This frequency is sorely needed on earth.

This program will involve intense energies designed to purge all that is within that is weighing you down and serving to separate you from reconnecting to your highest, truest frequency.

Emerging from this program we expect will be some significant guides for Gaia, who will, via the particular artistic, communicative, or healing means that are innate to that individual, serve to lead divine counterparts back to their hearts.

We have teams of guides ready to work with the initiates who have the desire, heart and commitment to step into the next level of their abilities and missions here on earth.

Please step forward now and present yourself for the next level of your mission and earth ascension journey.

We are ready to push you forward now, to meet the heights you already set yourself before coming here.


in love, respect and gratitude,

Archangel Michael, St Germain, and Mary Magdalen

(Channeled 11 August 2019)


This program will involve energies from the Archangels, Ascended Masters, Star families of light, the Arcturians, the 7 Rays, and other divine Christ consciousness energies that are in your best and highest good.  The program will involve chakra channel clearing, intense activations of latent spiritual gifts, and any other healings or activations as requested by your higher self and guides. This can include Akashic healing, and other clearings as required. It is expected the energies will be intense and integration will be required for several days after each session.

What the program requires from you:

The program requires a significant and intense personal commitment in between sessions.

“A serious commitment to personal growth and heart centredness is required. Peace, harmony, inner knowing, trust and surrender is required, as you will be teaching others how to attain that resonance.”  (channeled 11 August 2019)

It is expected you will commit to daily clearing and meditation, including heart centering, inner focus and quiet, and also, to the greatest extent possible, that you will avoid toxic substances. Such a commitment will accelerate your growth in the program.


This is an advanced program. At all times, I will be guided by the Archangels and Ascended Masters in relation to the program. Please email me to apply. I will be guided whether you will be required to complete other programs before moving into this one.

How and when will we meet

The program will consist of 4 sessions of 1 hour each over 4 months, a total cost of $444 USD. We will meet via Zoom or Skype, and the sessions will be recorded for you.

Please email me if you are interested in applying.

It is my honour to work with you and divine beings of light to develop your innate abilities, help set you on the path to inner harmony, and accelerate you to be a guide for others on Gaia! xxx