Arcturian Accelerated Technical Mission Activations

This is a new service. All information below.  If this activation resonates, please email me first before booking.  Email:

Please note:  this is an accelerated activation, there will likely be physical effects. A few days’ rest and integration is advised.

Arcturian High Council channeled message 21 May 2019

“We would like you to press ahead to establish an activation service for our starseeds, Arcturian starseeds.  We wish to work with particular “bright lights” who we will now send to you.

We will use the activation and healing energies we use in the angelic code DNA service but also please note, and please post this message – this service will be very intense and rapid, aimed at initializing and catalyzing very fast motion onto soul mission, which, for our starseeds, is all about the technical improvements that a 5D earth needs.  They know what these services are!

We are already in communication with many of our brightest starseeds, but they doubt.  Therefore, we will come to you and send them to you, to establish the connection and to make sure they understand the gravity of their projects, and the gravity of earth’s need for their genius right now.  They cannot spend another moment in doubt.

Child, we have previously focused on chakra block clearing in the many activations you’ve done. And this has been very important. But now we will be “pushing the button” so to speak, on all sorts of latent gifts and talents in our starseeds, and we wish you to offer this service, to initialize this intense transformation into possibility and technical and creative growth for the starseeds we send you.

Now, because of the intensity, we require that they connect with you first, so that you can gauge the appropriateness of this activation.  Of course, they are welcome to start with the more gentle option first (Angelic Code DNA activation), and later progress to this.

We will be bringing forth starseeds who are so very close to initializing major leaps, but just need the final propulsive push.  And we assure you, and them, this will be it!

Now, you will ask, what will our work entail?  All of the previous work and activations we use in the angelic code DNA activation service.  However, with this activation, that service will only be the starting point.

We require at least two sessions, because of the power of the activations, but they are to purchase the sessions together and they’re not to be sold separately.

  • In the first session will be the major activation – therefore, they will require a few days’ rest/integration, and please advise them, some dizziness may result, as we will be activating numerous crown and third eye-related chakras and talents, including the fourth eye, as well as clearing and activating the Merkabah (etheric light body). Along with these, we will be activating latent creativity aspects currently blocked, including the sacral chakra. Several cosmic-connected chakras in the 8-12 (above the crown) will also be cleared and activated.
  • The second session will be a more moderate activation and integration of the first major activation.

It is with humble honour and gratitude we offer this service to our starseeds, and those ready to step fully into the creative and technical new 5D earth missions.

We ask of the starseed candidates for this activation:

  • Are you mostly in the heart?
  • Are your intentions the purest they can be?
  • For the love and improvement of Gaia and humanity?
  • Respecting the purity and certainties of universal law always?

Please, consider these questions carefully, and if your soul answers, truthfully, yes, we ask you to contact the channel to confirm your place for this activation.

We are excited to see our starseeds step up, it is time. Please now know the sanctity and vital importance of the activation of your thoughts and creativity into tangible, physical actions for Gaia.

Gaia has called us and we came forth to assist.  Now, we call you, starseeds, and ask you to step up to assist Gaia and humanity.

Every light contribution you make assists Gaia’s light and frequency to rise, helping her cleanse her spirit of the dark elements, the heavy elements, that have drained her, and you, for so long.

We wait, with eager anticipation, to partner with you on this journey, dear precious divine starseeds.”

The Arcturian High Council, with the Galactic Federation, Archangel Michael and Archangels assisting.

Channeled 21 May 2019


  • This activation involves two separate sessions of 45 minutes each
  • Both sessions are online via Zoom or Skype.
  • Several days’ rest/integration time is required after the first session.
  • Physical effects are likely. Please note: this could include dizziness.
  • Please email me before making payment to make sure this activation is the best fit for you.
  • The Arcturian Angelic Code DNA activation is an excellent starting point if you are relatively new to the spiritual/ascension journey.
  • Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any queries

I am truly honoured to work with the Arcturians, the Archangels and the Galactic Federation to help activate your soul mission!

Much love,


Arcturian Accelerated Technical Mission Activation

Includes 2 (two) 45 minute online activation sessions via Skype or Zoom. This is an intense activation with physical effects. Aimed at accelerating technical soul mission, clearing blocks, activating latent talents and cosmic chakras, light body, third eye, fourth eye, crown chakra. Dizziness could result. Please rest for several days afterwards and avoid intense physical activity.