Arcturian High Council messages

We are Ready to Co-create with you, from the heart –

Arcturian and Andromedan High Councils

Channeled 11 May 2019

Dear child,

Please post our message to our friends and cousins on Gaia.

We wait, with much anticipation, to work with many of you whose hearts are open and pure, to bring in the next level of 5D earth developments, progress and technology.

We watch many of you blinking, blind to what is around you, the energetic support you have to bring your ideas into fruition, through our co-creation with you.

But instead, you allow thoughts of doubt and negativity to cloud and suffocate your hope and thinking.

When you think from the heart, the mind is engaged properly, and to its full power.

When you think from the mind alone, you are fragile, only seeing what you already know, and therefore, closing off to so much.

So much hangs close within your grasp.

This “tree of knowledge” is what we are here to lift you up to, to reach its fruits, so that you can find the answers to all that troubles you.

For, we tell you, we have all the answers, not because we are better, but because for a long time, longer than your earth time knowledge can calculate, we have studied and discovered these answers.

But we will never patronize you, to tell you that you don’t know, only gently remind you to ensure you have checked that you’re open to everything and more!

For that is what awaits, the knowledge that awaits, those whose hearts and minds are open, synchronously in purity, love and curiosity.

And we await with eager anticipation to work with those who are so open.

We urge you to call us in, your family, eternally in service of the divine Christ Consciousness and here in service of Gaia’s liberation.

The Arcturian + Andromedan High Councils

Arcturian High Council – Light beings, our message for the health and love of Gaia is coming soon, come to it with your hearts open – channeled message 21 December 2018

Dear one, thank you for connecting.  We have messages for the collective.

Lightbeings of the beautiful Gaia, this is a call for you to look outside yourselves and respond to what your planet is asking of you now.

So much action needs to be taken now in order to propel a path of positivity and not destruction.

We ask:   how many of you are hearing the call?

Soon we will be putting out a statement of our position on many aspects affecting the health and love of Gaia.

We want you to review this statement, assess it with your critical eye, but then, bring your heart to the job and assess it from your heart.

What does your heart say? How does your heart respond?

We want you to take the messages of the statement into your soul and spirit and we ask you: can you be true to your soul and spirit when you read the messages and respond in the right way, that is, the right way in alignment with your soul and spirit?

We would be most impressed to watch you do this.

We do have faith in you, light beings, but we also know the strength of the negativity and programming on your planet.

We know what it takes – the sheer willpower it takes – to stand up against the tide of mass opinion, to stand out and up for what is right and true, we know the damage this can do to you – to your lives, to your relationships, to your jobs – all of which in many cases you have engaged in for the wrong reasons – not in love and not for seeking a higher vibration for you and for planet Gaia – and you have perpetuated these approaches with the new generation.

But we know you have changed and your strength has increased, your channels are clearing and your hearts are opening more and more each day.

We celebrate the transformations we are seeing in each of you each day as you all step forward into the new future for earth, full of love and confidence.

We only ask that you do not forget the supremacy of love, the divine force of light and love that guides you, protects you and propels you to build the future that you want, that your souls and spirits need on mother earth, despite what the programming and the ego want you to fight for and believe in, in fact, what they designed you to fight and believe in.

But their designs came later than those of source, they were inferior from the start – far inferior – and you have risen and found your way, again, as you have for eons, you spectacular beings of love and light, you starseeds and Gaian originals, you are so very impressive and we continue to marvel at how unstoppable you are in this pursuit of truth and harmony for your mother earth.

We say again, light beings, our message is coming soon.

It will bring clarity to your lives and hearts.

It is of only purity and truth.

Don’t block your soul’s reaction to it, allow your soul to feel its response to it. Allow, allow, allow, this is true love and purity.

The love of the divine rains down upon each one of you.


The Arcturian High Council