Arcturian New Earth 5D Technical Transition Collective

As guided by the Arcturians, I am setting up a new earth 5D technical collective of lightworkers who are interested in drawing up new models for our ascending Gaia in her transition to the 5D.

If you are interested in joining this, please email me at and I will determine the best forum to get the group active and in touch with each other. Thank you!

Here is the Arcturian’s message to me on this, received on 12 November 2018:

“We have a number of programs we would like to institute on earth but we need leaders and we are growing anxious at the doubt and indecision across the lightworker community.

We know the matrix has swallowed up a lot of the energies of our natural leaders who have forgotten their mission and contract and their veils are thick with forgetting.

Actually we now fear there will be no remembering in many.

This is the new concern as the tools the dark, or matrix, is using become quietly and yet more deeply entrenched.

So we are instituting a new program to find potential new or younger leaders and direct them onto the path of connection and mission but of a technical nature.

We would like you to connect to or communicate with the more masculine side of the equation, as we fear the masculine’s mission is being lost, as the current twin flames communications are very much targeting or resonating with feminines and that is needed.

Please can we start a dialogue on how to inspire or awaken masculines to the technical necessities for Gaia’s growth and transformation into 5D?

For instance, we need answers on:

  • will you use chemicals while they continue to kill Gaia, and if not, what will you do for a mass population (food-wise)
  • what will you do for transport if fuels are killing Gaia, and is the electric car the answer for everything. What else do you have?
  • Why does no one develop their telepathy and spiritual connection – we have much to teach on this as nothing is faster than the speed of thought.
  • Why is there an emphasis on slow physical travel which uses up earth resources when the soul can travel at any time, whether night or day, as evidence by twin souls traveling in and out of each other’s bodies?
  • What forms of government do you want when the current ones are blown apart? Are you equal or not? Do you all want to be part of a power structure or not? What is your intention on this?
  • Will you still trade via an energy system that is corrupted from the top, or will you institute a barter system or are things too complicated for that now, or how will a barter system look, and what would humans use in the transition to secure and trade their services and support in return for subsistence support (food, accommodation, etc)?

These are all questions that may not have been holistically considered by the collective at this point.

This is why we would like you to start a transition to 5D technical advice collective wherein we collect the combined technical know-how of lightworkers and beings in sympathy with the predicament of Gaia, and there is no time – this is needed immediately.

Connect these beings up and put together a program that can be energetically adopted or committed to by other beings and souls as a transition model because the new earth will hit the collective in 2 years and as we said, if you are not sovereign you will be locked out.

Please put out the call for this.  We are ready and on standby to co-create with the light and minds that want to create something healthy, better, far superior and egalitarian for the new Gaia.

We need them to believe and connect, surrender and allow, for us to do the work with them.

Thank you. This must start immediately. The timing is tight.

Blessings and gratitude.

Arcturian High Council.”