**NEW: Arcturian Starseed Technical Earth Mission 8 week Small Group Activation Program (May-June)

This is a 4 session, 8 week small group program of maximum 4 participants.

We will meet fortnightly from end of May via Zoom. (dates TBC – from May – July)

This program is intended for souls who have already done some healing.

We will be working with the highest divine Christ consciousness beings our cosmic family of light, Archangels, Yeshua Jesus Christ, and Ascended Masters, to help release blocks and heavy energy from your field, to allow the highest light frequencies to embed in you and powerfully accelerate your vibration.

The program will include:

  • energetic field clearing, cord cutting with the Archangels and Galactic family of light
  • aura/light body cleansing and chakra clearing as guided
  • activation of all cosmic chakras to accelerate spiritual development and the activation of your spiritual gifts
  • timeline/Akashic past life/past timeline healing and soul frequency retrieval, and inner child wound healing, as guided

The aim is to help clear your channel so that you become a lighter vessel for the divine self to do its work through you. It will also help you hear your guides better.

**The program is aimed at further activating those Arcturian resonating starseeds with technical new Earth missions (of all varieties!) This can include artistic, healing, environmental, architectural, building, geological, musical, and alternative hybrid modalities!

You know you are here to do something but may not be sure what exactly, and that is perfectly fine! We don’t need to know the ins and outs at this stage but do need to commit to the journey of expansion and lightening in order to bring in our gifts.

How to know if you are suited to this program?

All you need to bring is your pure hearted love intention to do work for the good of Gaia and humanity. You will be vibrating at a service to others rather than self frequency much of the time. You are open and trusting to working with the divine and the beings of light. You have a joyful countenance generally, kindness and optimism and hope for the Earth’s healing and guiding humanity.

The program is likely to be intense with many physical effects, and emotional purges are possible, so please ensure this is something you are able to accommodate and process currently in your life. It is important that you have space to rest and meditate as required to participate in this.

Please email me your interest betikotevski@gmail.com

Energy exchange: $144USD/ $170AUD

The sessions will likely be afternoon EST/early morning Australian time.