Ascension Guides Program with Serapis Bey, Lord Sanat Kumara + Lord Maitreya

** Please note, this program is not currently offered

This program was channeled on 18 September 2019. It is for particular light workers whose deep intrinsic mission is to guide and lead others in their spiritual ascension and growth. 

Ascension masters –

Serapis Bey                                                                    

Lord Sanat Kumara

Lord Maitreya:

“You will now teach with our guidance, the way of ascension to all who are sent to you.

Your total surrender.  Teach that.

Your total humility.  Teach that.

The way your ego self has been shredded and rebuilt, your true essence.  Teach that.

We know and feel your love and respect and therefore we will school through you now.

We will send particular students who have very particular communications and guidance missions to you.

They will not “fit” in starseed or twin flame, and will seem to be moving in another path/sphere/realm, and they are.

Their souls are already operating as teachers “upstairs”, but their earth realm beings can’t keep up and are “lost”, don’t know how to relate what is going on spiritually to what is unfolding in the earth plane.

So you are to explain the teachers are here to guide them home in this last leg of their ascension journey,

but the catch is, they must perform what they vowed to in the ascension plan, and that is to help guide others home to ascension.

Do you see?

These are one on one guidance sessions to activate their belonging to source form – their return from the descent to the ascent – their return to ascension after the necessary forgetting.

You are to help guide with their remembering.

And then guide them to their teaching missions.

So you are, via your one on ones, taking them, by hand, to us!!

So it’s a merge or marriage of galactic, intergalactic, spiritual, ascended masters, planetary command centres – all in one session.

They will not know where they are going, but they will know they’re home when they get there.

And you will take them there!” 

Ascended Master Serapis Bey, Lord Sanat Kumara and Lord Maitreya

Ascended Master Serapis Bey

“These are limited, sessions for the teachers only.

You will guide them back to themselves, which is to their ascension, which is to us.

This is NOT about healing.

This is a completely new offering.

This is about restoring heart and soul, and this is only done via ascension to mission and service.

Ascension sessions, only for those who are ready.

Who is ready? Those who, like you did, announced multiple times, you were ready to SERVE.

Everyone wants to ascend. NO ONE wants to SERVE!

You will “let in” and vet only the people who WANT and NEED to serve.

And we will serve them, as we have you, healed and guided and protected you at every stage.

In the small group of twin flame starseeds are the service-oriented guides.

That is who we are targeting.

It’s not the mass of creatives or healers.

It’s a very targeted group of GUIDES and they will guide very selectively. These are great minds, teachers.

We require they commit to a program of self-growth and awareness, divine surrender, release of ego and control, and complete acceptance of the path that now unfolds before them.

For their heartfelt and true commitment to this path, we will return that commitment and love tenfold.

(This) needs to be accessible but there is involved mentoring and channeling required which takes energy and therefore in line with the balance of the universe, the energetic exchange must be fair and we would put it at $333 for 3 x 1 hr sessions at 3 weeks apart, with support via contact in between.

This is a very intricate and involved process and commitment.



Channeled 18 September 2019


It is my honour to assist with connecting you to these Ascended Masters and Lord Sanat Kumara, assisting you on your own ascension and mission journey to guide others.

This is a profound service to humanity.

Guidance from the Masters about the nature of the program (Channeled 5 Nov):

“The sessions will be intense. It is best that you arrange a time when you have several days free following the session to integrate the information and energetic downloads.

It is also best that you have entered a calm, meditative state for several hours before the session.

It is not required but could very much assist you to read Dossier on the Ascension by Serapis Bey during this program.

There are 3 sessions of 1 hour each in the program.  You will get very specific channeled guidance. It is expected you will act to integrate and initiate the changes or actions put forward in the intervening 3 week period before our next session together.

It is also expected you will begin to more consciously focus on:

  • the service aspects of your life,
  • opening and keeping open your heart chakra,
  • limiting or better channeling aspects of your will and ego, and
  • working to clear fear programming from your thought patterns and emotional body.
  • Regular deep breathing exercises are highly recommended.

It is expected you feel deep reverence for the Ascended Masters and spiritual hierarchy we will be working with.

You will be protected by the angelic realm at all times in the sessions.”

-Channeled 5 November 2019

Is this program for you?

This is an esteemed program and I have been specifically guided to very selectively allow candidates to participate in the program.

Please don’t take it personally if you are not accepted. It most likely will simply mean that you have another very specific mission you have contracted to do, and guiding on spiritual ascension is not that mission.

So, for instance, you may have a creative mission or healing mission. Your higher self and team of light will be trying to direct you onto that particular mission path and it is in your best interests to listen closely to such directions.


$333 USD / $430 AUD – you can pay in part payments if this assists via  or in full via the button below.  Please only make payment once we have agreed you will participate.

The sessions will be via Zoom or Skype, please advise what you prefer.

Email me with any questions at

I am profoundly honoured to assist you on this major transformative growth path.

Much love,



Ascension Guide Program with Serapis Bey, Lord Sanat Kumara and Lord Maitreya

Includes 3 1 hour online sessions, channeled guidance, and email support, over 9 weeks.


Ascension Guide Program with Serapis Bey – Payment by session

Payment for 1 session. Program involves 3 sessions.