Ascension School with Sanat Kumara + the Ascended Masters

This offering is not currently available

In mid September, I have been guided to offer an Ascension School for a handful of souls who are ready in every way.

We will be working with the Ascended Masters and chiefly guided by lord Sanat Kumara in the activations, clearing and guidance you need.

Growth and progress on your mission is expected.

I am guided the program will basically sandwich 3-4 months of ascension growth and frequency up-levelling into 1 month.

It will consist of weekly 2 hour group live session channeled messages and healings and whatever additional times we’re guided to meet.

The energy exchange from participants will be $320USD/$400AUD.


Participants must be ready to go next level and must be able to accommodate the energetic intensity and often physical changes in their 3d life.

Participants must commit to attend the calls, and to meditation/communing with the divine between calls.


Decisions as to whether one can participate are made with a view to the current energetic fields and challenges around you, and any karmic closure occurring and impacting your energy – effectively, your energetic readiness.  This does not mean you would not gain a lot from the program, only that it may just not be the best time for it in your life currently.

Emotional/ascension readiness indicators:

  • significant heart clearing progress and openness,
  • heart centredness,
  • release of ego,
  • high vibration and surrender,
  • purity of intention and commitment to mission/service,


  • weekly 2 – 2.5 hour group healing and activation session via zoom, once per week for 1 month,
  • sessions will be recorded
  • you can attend zoom with audio only if you prefer, for privacy.
  • Max up to 6 participants.


The first Ascension School begins mid September and applications have closed.

The program may run again in late Nov/Dec, and Feb 2021. This is to be confirmed.

Email:  for further inquiries

PAYPAL OPTIONS (for confirmed participants)

Ascension School with Sanat Kumara – payment per session option (AUD $100)

Payment per session option for the Ascension School


Ascension School with Sanat Kumara (Per session payment option $80USD)

Per session payment for the Ascension School 4 week program


Ascension School with Sanat Kumara $400AUD Full payment option

4 week intensive group program via Zoom (4 sessions x 2.5hours)


Ascension School with Sanat Kumara $320USD Full payment option

4 week intensive program via Zoom (4 sessions x 2.5 hours)