Angelic Realm-guided 12 Step Ascension Activation Program for all souls

As guided by the Angelic Realm including Archangels Gabriel, Michael and Metatron


The program has several different parts, and you can purchase the parts depending on what you specifically require.

The options include: recorded videos, group sessions involving Akashic meditations to clear karma and accelerate healing and one-on-one online sessions.  There is also an option to purchase a separate additional bundle of one-on-one Akashic healing sessions, and additional twin flame module.

*I have been guided by the angelics that all workshops and one-on-one sessions will have heavy angelic realm presence and channeled guidance. The angelics have guided me that the program will activate and clear you, and help to clear karma via the Akashic meditations. The angelics have advised they will use: light rays and codes, angelic activations, star family activations, and great central sun activations directly from source.

I have been guided in all parts of the course development and its operations, and will be guided in all live sessions. The activations will still apply in any workshop program recordings.

**The program is also particularly relevant to twin flames, and the angelics have guided me that twin flames are welcome to enrol in the course.

The course is conducted fully online. Please ensure you have access to Zoom for the workshop sessions and one-on-ones, and a good internet connection before making payment.

Recorded Videos Module  ($77 USD)

This module will include the following recorded videos which you will have access to view at any time:

  • Healing/clearing
  • What is surrender and daily practices to aid ascension
  • Connecting to your team of light
  • Energetic protection
  • Actively living high vibrationally
  • Emotional growth on the ascension journey
  • Heart chakra activations
  • Growing your light, clearing your channels
  • Developing gifts
  • Being a lightbeing in the world and healing Gaia
  • Getting clear on soul mission
  • Long term life strategies to aid ascension

The above modules will be available to view from 28 January 2019. They are the first part of the activation program, but can be purchased alone, if you don’t wish to purchase the workshop and one-on-one session part of the ascension activation program.

The workshops (as outlined below) are a highly recommended part of the program and will go deeper into all topics covered in the self-contained video module part of the program. The workshop program includes one-on-one online sessions with me as well as group sessions. See below.

(Please note: no refunds are available once the course has begun (ie once the video modules have been made available-see dates below). In some circumstances, I will be happy to issue a credit to use towards other services I offer.)

To purchase the video modules: (note: available from 28 January 2019)

Recorded video module of the Ascension Activation program

This gives you access to the recorded videos only. 12 recorded videos of 8-10 minutes in length. Downloadable access.


Group Activation sessions and one-on-one program ($244 USD includes all 5 sessions)

The workshops and group meditations accelerate the healing and clearing necessary for your growth and spiritual ascension, and connect you to angelic guidance on areas particularly relevant to your journey, including channeled guidance for soul mission and life purpose.

The following group and one-on-one sessions are included in the $244 USD fee:

  • 3 x 1 hour – Group Activation online meditation sessions including Akashic clearing
  • 2 x 1 hour – one-on-one Guidance and Soul mission online sessions with me (via Zoom/Skype)

*The Group sessions will be on a Thursday evening 8pm New York time (US Eastern Standard time) and will be recorded so that in the event of absence, you can watch them and receive the healing and guidance. Note, the ascension activations will still apply even if you are absent.

The one-on-one appointment times and dates will be scheduled with me according to your availability.

The workshop session dates are as follows:

  • Second intake:  25 March 2019 (access to video recordings begins) with Group session dates for this intake as follows: 11 April, 25 April, and 9 May.
  • Third intake:     24 June 2019 (access to video recordings begins) with Group session dates for this intake as follows: 11 July, 25 July, and 8 August.
  • Fourth intake:   26 August 2019 (access to video recordings begins) with Group session dates for this intake as follows: 12 September, 26 September, and 10 October.

(Note:  all group sessions are Thursday evenings, 8pm NY time [US EST], and will be recorded in case of absence.

Group Workshop + One-on-One sessions part of the Ascension Activation program

Includes 3 x 1 hour group online sessions, and 2 x 1 hour one-on-one online guidance sessions. Note the dates for the group sessions cannot change and the sessions will be recorded if you cannot attend in person. The activations will still apply.



Akashic clearing one-on-one sessions (5 x 45 minute sessions for $255USD)

If you are called to pursue a deeper Akashic healing program, I have been authorised by the angelics to offer this service and to provide it as a “pack” of 5 one-on-one sessions of 45 minutes each, at a cost of $255USD* (includes all 5 sessions).  (*Please note: this price is only available to those participating in the Angelic realm guided Ascension program.)

These sessions are conducted online via Zoom/Skype at a time that suits you.

These are not group sessions, but rather one-on-one with myself, to allow us to go deeper into any healing and clearing that you need in relation to emotional and other blocks and past traumas.

The angelic realm, working with your higher self, will guide us as to what you are ready for and what is in your best and highest interests to clear at the time. Through this process, your higher self will work with the angelics to clear timelines in the Akashic records that have been blocking your healing and ascension progress.

Such clearing usually has physical impacts and integration periods, so the sessions should be scheduled when you will have the opportunity to rest for the following 2-3 days.

If you are a starseed, your star family will also be present to guide your progress in the healing journey.

You will protected at all times during the sessions with Archangel and Arcturian presence to seal and protect your energy field.

**Twin flames note: Akashic healing is very relevant to the twin flame journey. Clearing past life karma that has built up between twins aids the individual’s ascension journey and helps twins progress towards union.  Many current life triggers between counterparts have deep roots in past lives and the karma that has built up between twins.

Akashic clearing 5 sessions of 45 mins each

One-on-one sessions 5 x 45 minutes conducted online. Includes channeled guidance. At a time that suits you. For participants in the Angelic realm-guided ascension program.



Twin Flame specific guidance webinars – $44 USD (for all 6 recorded videos)

This module includes 6 recorded videos (of 8-10 minutes in length) guiding you on particular aspects of the twin flame journey.

Topics covered include:

  • The sacred nature of the twin relationship and the unconditional love template
  • The energetic connection of twins and how you can aid union (cutting toxic twin)
  • Surrender and allowance to divine timing
  • The purpose of triggering (healing and clearing to strengthen vessels to anchor light)
  • Connecting to your higher self for guidance on the union journey
  • Self-love and healing
  • The ins and outs of union – including union with source
  • Finding yourself in your twin! Matching frequencies
  • Soul mission – you and your twin’s and starting yours

(* Please note: no refunds are available once payment is made, but I will be happy to issue a credit to use towards other services I offer if there is sufficient notice and before any workshops or sessions have been conducted.)

Twin Flame-specific ascension activation module of 6 recorded videos

6 recorded videos at 8-10 minutes each, available to view via download.


About me:

I am a twin flame, I carry a part of Mary Magdalen, and channel ascended masters and Archangels. I am also clairvoyant, clairsentient and a medium.

It is a great honour and privilege to work with you and with the angelic realm and ascended masters to assist you on your spiritual and ascension journey. My aim is to help propel you forward to reach your full potential, helping you to live life in high vibration always connected to your higher self and team of light, and to help you activate all of your gifts!

Your higher self and the angelic realm want nothing more than to help you to reach your full potential and live life with love and hope in your heart, knowing that you are always connected to them, supported and loved.

If this resonates with your soul and you would like more information, please don’t hesitate to email me at

See also the Mary Magdalen-guided course specifically tailored to Divine Feminine Twin Flames (more info coming soon). Please email me at if you have any questions.

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