Channeled messages

Twin Flame Starseeds, Guidance on the Purging of Emotion

Archangel Michael, Mary Magdalen, Lyran Council of Light

Channeled 21 May 2019

So much emotion has been released. Surely there’s no more?

  1. There’s always more.
  2. Remember, it strengthens you.
  3. Now, as you’ve purged so much, remember: emotional release is about humility and remaining in integrity.

It’s how we (and your higher self) remind you of your smallness, so you can properly grow into your bigness.

That is, with humility, we remind you about who you really are, your divine self, not the ego self, all the masks that you wear, and all the falsities that you tell yourself to try make yourself fit into the dictates of the times around you, which have all largely been wrong.

They are being corrected, but only slowly, and this is not fast enough for our most precious divine twin flame starseeds, who must grow faster into their power.

So, true strength comes from humility.

True largeness and size comes from knowing your place in the divine order of things, knowing also the true sacred power of your divine twin soul connection.

This power cannot be questioned.

How it currently manifests on earth may fall far short of its divine essence.

But there are reasons for this, healing that needs to be done, and often times, much energetic interference, while also karmic bonds need to be paid.

So please, divine twin flames, do not despair, as that can be the final drain on your union hopes and possibilities.

Instead, go in, where your true power lies, and therein, in that peace and solitude, arises the truth of your eternal divine significance, as well as that of your eternal counterpart.

Only from this space, move forward, from the peace and stillness, the solidity of this knowing, as that peace and solidity is the truth.

We speak these truths to you so that you may find peace and comfort, but also guidance, on this difficult journey to your own soul’s wholeness and union, and once there, in union with the perfection of your own soul and own eternal divinity, upon this realisation of your eternal union with the universal source and the All that is, therein you have built the stability and the solidity to bring into the earth dimension, the perfect union with your eternal divine soul counterpart.

We sit by your side, at your shoulder always, ready to be of service in your highs and lows, never leaving your side, and ask only that you read these words, drink them in, with hearts open.

Our love for you is eternal.

Archangel Michael and Mary Magdalen, Lyran Council of Light


The Galactic Forces – Starseeds: Large changes impending. Don’t give your energy

– channeled 22 April 2019

Dear Child,

This is the Galactic light forces here, and we are pleased to connect.

Our command up here is a division of the Galactic Federation working with Lord Sanat Kumara to install the new earth.

We come from many star races of light and include the Pleiades, the Avians, the Arcturians, Sirians, Orion, the Lyrans, and Andromedans.

We have multiple missions present on Gaia now.

To our starseeds, we say:

Dear family, your work goes on, in service of the light and Gaia, and of all soulful humanity, and we thank you.

Impending are large changes that will be challenging for many, but we ask you, not to transfer all your energy to these emotions, but rather, to focus on the purity of your internal light for now, as that light has been drained by many malevolent energies for so long.

Do not give succor to energy drainers but fortify your vessels, and focus on protecting that inner flame that burns within you, as that is the flame of truth, and the light that guides all out of the dark, that guides the universe.

You are so part of that Oneness, all we need is for you to believe this.

Your galactic families of light stand by you, ready to connect.

Keep your hearts pure and your intentions honest and loving.

Our beautiful divine starseeds, we cannot wait to reunite with you, on the new heaven of 5D earth.

It is coming soon.

And, we say, believing is seeing.

Eternally, in solidarity for the one true light,

The Galactic Forces


Archangel Michael – Twin Flame Divine Masculines, The End of Karmic Relationships is Now. Are you both ready? Strength and grounding needed

3 Jan 2019

Child I am here. The collective is hearing the messages and this is excellent but there is too much delay and lack of progress so we are going to ramp things up, or turn things up a notch.

We have various tools at our disposal but because this will be a rather violent blowing up of situations, we need you to put out an urgent message of strength and grounding to the collective.

There is no more time for allowing or engaging in lower vibrational energies and relationships. Particularly, the divine masculines have been delaying moves away from these situations.

But we of the angelic realm, in the interests of Gaia’s ascension, and the ascension of light souls on earth, will no longer tolerate delays.

Therefore, we ask you to put the message out to the twin flame collective.

They are to urgently find their strength, connect to their intuition, which is a direct link to their spirit team of light and guidance council, and ask them to help steer them in line with their soul’s desire, and to give them the strength to allow their soul’s deepest needs to now guide their avatar’s journey on earth.

The time has come, the time is now.

We will no longer accept any delays.

It is the end of karmic relationships for the masculine.

The damage is now too deep, the damage has now gone on for too long.

And, for the relief of the divine feminine collective, who have waited and prepared in strength and love, and to lessen the load of healing that the divine feminine collective will have to carry as part of their mission to help the divine masculines find the light again and clear the damage and trauma of eons, we are now moving in, and it will be the end for many masculines of emotionally and spiritually intolerable karmic soulmate situations.

Masculines, listen to me. I come from source with this message.

The lessons have been learned.  You know in your hearts that the love has died and the investment is over.

But now we need you to rise to your feet again.

You have been levelled.  There has been abuse, emotional violence. You have been used and thrown on the scrap heap.

You have died a thousand daily deaths in your heart, as you feel a greater and greater detachment, from your connection to the pure unconditional love that awaits in your feminine.

You have almost forgotten, but something in you remembers, distantly, the purity and perfection of that love, and now it is time to make your way to it again.

We know you are broken.

We know you feel you can barely see through the fog in front of you, how could you possibly find your way to her, your star, and how could you then possibly have anything to give.

But believe, dear precious masculines, you have so much to give, and she awaits your return as she has awaited nothing before.

She is whole now, masculine.

And she will help to make you whole.

Masculines, this is when we demand of you to surrender your will to the divine, to truly remember the perfection of your divine essence, and to allow us to steer you to the healing you need.

She awaits, masculine, and the divine will lead you there.

I am Archangel Michael, guide and seer for all twin flames on Gaia, and I walk beside you every day.

I will guide you personally, my perfect divine masculines.

You have given so much. The battles on Gaia and before, always for the light, have been so brutal.

You have given so much and now you are about to give up.

But this is when we ask you to rise, step up and now turn towards your feminine.

She awaits, source awaits, the universe awaits the reconnection, and on your surrender and allowance, we will take over and guide these unions.

We will no longer tolerate or accommodate situations destructive to your well being.

The spiritual realm is now stepping in to bring to an end all that is destructive to your soul and your soul’s mission as a perfect divine twin soul counterpart.

The time is now.

You must find the strength to clear the clutter from your hearts now, masculines, and you must find the strength to stand up and speak the truth that begs to pour from the depths of your heart.

Feminines, prepare. Fortify your vessels. The journey is not going to be smooth sailing. We need you to prepare for inclement weather on this most sacred and spiritual reunion.

The reunions are coming soon, but are you really ready, feminines?

Have you placed forgiveness and compassion in your hearts? Do you still hold grudges there? Or do you surrender, and place the protection of your hearts in the hands of the divine, who will never let you down?

Feminines, the time has come for you now to demonstrate all the promises you made, the compassion you swore you would retain despite it all, because you all knew how difficult this journey would be on the heavy densities of Gaia.

And yet you all still vowed to continue this ascension plan, to help light souls and Gaia herself, to help your divine counterpart ascend again, to clear karma, and to implement in perfect divine timing the divine ascension plan for all souls on Gaia.

That was the task, that was the promise you both made to each other and to source.

Now we ask both of you twin counterparts, stand up and declare truthfully, that you are ready to meet your promises to each other, to source and the universe, for the ascension plan and for the healing and lighting of all soul beings, for the future of mother earth, too.

Once you can truthfully make those declarations, and they match the purity of the highest frequency of unconditional love, that must reside in your heart, nothing less than unconditional love, then my darlings, only then are you ready for union.

We will push you now as there is no time to waste. But you must also work and commit again to this, your original promise.

Eternally, in love and light, and always in guidance,

Your Archangel Michael.

4 December 2018

Archangel MichaelTwin Flames, Have Hope and Surrender to Divine Timing

I want the twin collective to know matters are under control.

They are to reduce as much as possible fears that may enter their hearts, doubts that may plant there, because doubts grow, and then all the hard work they have done in healing and clearing past trauma – and we see it all, let them know we see all their efforts, none of it goes unnoticed – all the healing benefits can be lost if they go backwards with doubt.

So we say, go forwards only, and with positivity, hope and comfort that all is as it should be, that all will receive what they are to receive, that twins will be united, and all in divine timing.

Some things are above free will, and that is what is the best and highest good of all.

This key piece of wisdom they will soon know in their hearts, as you have known, dear child, once you surrendered control of the process and timing and proceeded simply to do your work.

Tell them, let peace have a real chance in their hearts.

Let the soothing waves of surrender settle their fears and doubts.

Let you soul speak up, because the soul wants peace and surrender to divine timing, to divine orchestration, as the soul knows it is part of something so much bigger, so much more golden than the ego can ever imagine.

Let the soul reign over you, dear children, so that you can begin to know a peace and comfort so beautiful, so freeing, you will have only ever felt it once before, when you were with source at birth, when you and your perfect divine counterpart were created together in the hands of source.

Dear precious children, give this peace to your soul and spirit.

Release control, for it is all coming, the full light of the all that is, is on its way to you, and you are the first, divine twin flame perfect soul counterparts, you will be the first to anchor this perfection into the Gaian grid.

Get ready. Prepare yourselves.

Open your hearts, fortify your vessels, for we are coming.

I am sent by the all that is to express the undying love, faith and gratitude in you and for your efforts.

Rise, dear ones, we come.


Archangel Michael

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