Divine Mother Healing

(Available from July 2022)

Channeled 15 November 2019

From Divine Mother –

For Divine Feminine guides who empower others daily, but who carry too much grief and pain from many lives spent serving Source energy,

I am connecting with the bright lights and kindest hearts who daily connect heaven and earth, through the way they share their light and love with humanity and those fortunate enough to be in their purview.

To these Divine Feminines, I say:

your pain is deep, your grief makes no sense to you on the 3D realm, for that is because it goes so much further than there.

But know that you are always supported, though it may not always feel that way.

The way you help and heal others is how we are here to help and heal you, so that you can continue to spread your light, which is divine Source energy and love, to all around you, to the other realms, the animal kingdom, humanity, the faery realm, and mother Earth.

As Divine Mother, I come to heal and guide you all.

You are so broken, but only because of how much you have given, not because of any weakness.

For, you are the strongest light beings of them all.

Allow me to come in now to restore you to your full strength,

to release the grief and suffering, others’ pain you have carried as if it’s your own,

so that you can fully find your true power, and come in to the joyous love it is your right to experience daily.

Please offer these sessions in a way to increase accessibility.

Healing energies will include:

  • Archangel Star Ray healing and Diamond Light energy
  • The healing energy of Divine Mother Source energy
  • Central Sun Golden Light energy
  • 7 Ray Healing
  • Ruby Ray Healing
  • Auric field clearing of all emotional bodies
  • Akashic record healing and Soul Frequency Retrieval
  • Rainbow Wave Chakra Channel Clearing
  • Violet Flame Heart Healing
  • Archangel Raphael Heart Healing

I guide you that the sessions will be extremely intense energetically and will serve to lighten your emotional load and pain load, but will require physical space in your daily life to allow for the processing and release of grief memories in your deep soul bodies.

It is recommended that multiple sessions be spaced several weeks apart.

My eternal love and guidance is with you.  You know that already.

You must call on me when in need, for my love waits by your side.


Divine Mother”

Channeled 15 November 2019


(I first offered this healing in 2019/early 2020 and have been guided to re-offer it now.)

This offering is very intense.  You should allow a few days afterwards for physical effects and up to 3 weeks for the clearing (which can start at the time of booking). You should ensure you are strong enough for the healing and clearing energies, and ensure you rest as needed. (Update at 9 March 2021: this healing can go for 3-6 weeks)

We will meet via Zoom or Skype at a time that suits you.

Please avoid alcohol in the days leading up to the session and afterwards.

This is for divine feminines/lightworkers who have already done some clearing or healing in the past.

Please email me before payment so I can confirm you are ready for this healing.

It is truly an honour to help you connect to the healing energies, love and guidance of Divine Mother.



Divine Mother Healing session – $180 USD /$210 AUD

This is a 45 minute session channeling multiple different light energies to work your energetic body, aura and chakra system. The healing is intense and can start as soon as you book. You will receive channeled guidance from your spirit guides. We meet via Zoom or Skype and in joint meditation, channel the energies to you.


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