Goddess Isis, Divine Mother Intensive Remote Healing and Clearing

All parts of this program were channeled 14 June 2019

“Dear child, I want to offer an intense remote healing session by meditation – remote, no channeling – as follows:

  • Intense healing energies of the light rays
  • Divine healing from Goddess Isis, Mother Mary and Mary Magdalen energy
  • Divine energy from the Archangels
  • Energies from the Lords of the 7 Rays
  • Protection to be provided by Archangel Michael and the Arcturians

This is an intense emotional healing and clearing (activation preparation).  Clearing and purging will result, of stuck, dead energy.  This is a one-hour remote light activation.

Child, it merges the whole Goddess Isis program into 1 (healing session).  After the one hour remote healing session, there is a 30 minute follow up zoom session (or Skype) – this must be two weeks after the first session – to see where they are up to.

This is mainly for Divine Feminines, to heal and clear, and get faster onto mission.

The healing is for union energy, for the merge into one of the hieros gamos – preparation for divine sacred union merging (twin flame union).

All etheric and emotional bodies will be cleared.  The light healing session involves very intense healing and clearing energy. The session can trigger a two week purge.  The session is only for souls who are ready. They must check in with you to confirm they are stable before booking.”

All details channeled 14 June 2019


  • The program includes a one hour remote light healing session and one 30 minute skype/zoom session (two weeks after the healing session)
  • The remote light healing session occurs by meditation at an agreed time by yourself and myself. I invite the energies in to work on you at the agreed time.
  • This is a remote session by meditation. There is no audio or video contact or recordings of the light healing session.
  • It is a requirement to email me before booking/payment. (Please note: if you make a payment before I have advised that the session is suitable for you, and I then need to issue a refund, I will need to deduct any Paypal fees from your payment.)
  • By proceeding with the program, you acknowledge that a deep emotional purge can result, for up to two weeks, that it will have physical effects, and that you are sufficiently emotionally stable to participate in the healing session.
  • Please email me if you have any queries – betikotevski@gmail.com
  • Payment button below (only use once you have emailed me for guidance whether you are ready for the program.)

Much love,


Goddess Isis Divine Mother Intense Remote Healing + Clearing Program

Includes 1 hour remote light healing session (by joint meditation) and one 30 minute zoom/skype call (two weeks later). Healing energies from the Divine mother, Goddess Isis, Mary Magdalen, the Archangel energies, the 7 Rays, the Lords of the 7 Rays included. Can result in a two week emotional purge. Must email before booking.