Intergalactic Light Beings’ Starseed Upgrade Sessions for Advanced 12th Dimensional Plus Starseeds

This offering re-opens October 2022

Over the past 18 months from mid 2019 to 2020, in my work assisting the Archangels, Andromedan and Arcturian star family of light and the Galactic Federation of Light in clearing Gaia of low vibrational entities, at times during entity clearing sessions, the assistance of inter-galactic forces – introduced as neighbouring galaxies of light – would be required to assist with the extraction of entrenched negative reptilian entities and their AI matrix facilities from Earth (including deep underground and astral locations).

We were always grateful for the presence of our loving inter-galactic cousins of light in those complex and intense sessions.

In October of 2020, these beings of high frequency love vibration consciously worked to upgrade me so as to keep advancing my ability to hold stronger frequencies and quantities of pure light energy.

These beings at this time have also requested I now offer concentrated power upgrade sessions to particular high resonating starseeds incarnated on Gaia, in order to:

  • trigger divine gift recollection,
  • light code activation, and
  • to trigger deeper and more rapid clearing of ancient energies and cords, so as to expedite the process of higher frequency light integration and distribution into the Gaia divine healing grid.

Channeled message  –  Intergalactic Elders

“The Milky way is quite young 🙂

We are much older

You’re from here

Pure light.  Sitting. Being. Pure sound. Stillness.

Untapped manifestation powers on offer.

All requiring pure heart intention.

You’ll rise above earth shenanigans as you can see the troll energy was a mishap of that galaxy and something to be easily overcome by a heart focus. But that’s been one of the major challenges for your part of the universe.

You can refer to us as The Elders.

We are inter galactic in that we bring many together from across the expanses.

You will deliver this news, how we are here to help and how we have been helping.

Many will not be able to hear us.

There are many more dimensions than is known by your realm.

Yes you are on the fore front as you’re fearless, trusting and heart centred and you remember easily.

So much emotion as you’re remembering here, the light, before pain.

Your gratitude and honor of us is received.

Yes we will be upgrading you for the next months.

Perception abilities are the focus. Many of you cannot rise as you cannot focus on anything other than your pain and you cannot perceive anything but that which is in front of you.

This was heavy matrix programming which hit the highest spirits hardest. Some will not unlearn it in this incarnation.”

Channeled 29 October

Session Details:

Please email me if this message resonates.

Physical effects can be expected. Please ensure you are fit and healthy so as to be able to absorb the light upgrade. Please also only proceed if you are able to incorporate rest periods in your life currently, to be able to integrate the energetic changes.

Please avoid drugs and alcohol in the lead up and post session for up to 2 weeks. Prescription medicine should be taken as normally required.

After you email me, I will be guided by your spirit team if this is the right upgrade for you at this time.

Notes from sessions:

I have now conducted several of these sessions (as at 17 December) and can confirm the following:

  • intense physical effects can be felt (to do with chakra block clearing and activations)
  • Akashic timeline healing has been included where your guides require this. This means emotional effects can also be expected for a few weeks following (purges, releases, unsteadiness in emotion)
  • Mission messages and much channeled guidance came through
  • The guidance was that the activations and healings from the session would continue for 2-3 months
  • The sessions are extremely high vibrational and it is highly recommended you rest afterwards, and arrange the session for a day and time where you are not required to be physically out and about.
  • The focus is on a major and rapid up-leveling in your frequency/vibration, therefore any lower density energies or fields will be cleared to facilitate this, in line with your higher self/guides’ determinations.

Please note, effects can start upon booking, and are expected to last for several weeks after the session.

We will meet via Zoom or Skype, and in joint meditation, pull in the energies for your activation and clearing, as needed and directed by your guides. I will also share with you any channeled messages I receive for you.

It is advised you are comfortable, for instance able to lie down during the session. Please also hydrate well afterwards.