Latest Inter-dimensional Channelings

Channeled 25 November 2022:

Galactic Councils

“Phase 2”


Avoidance of conflict

Reserving energy

Focus on direction

Lessons learned (not to be repeated)

Self-value discovered (remembered) and not to be discarded/forgotten

Faithful to your true north

One eyed focus commitment determination perseverance and alignment

Knowing your autonomy

Knowing your galactic sovereign autonomy at a cellular spiritual level

Knowing your spiritual authority and sovereignty

Knowing your divine god origin spiritual lineage

Respecting souls who are not ready. Backing away quietly without conflict

Respecting when souls have chosen other pathways (backing away quietly)

Knowing you’re part of a team (divine origins)

These souls are ready to lead

Channeled: 9 May 2022

I am advised many worlds are currently operating to assist Earth to overthrow the matrix.

“Pools” of energy surround us to assist the elevation.

Extremely wise ancient beings of light are assisting.

To assist me to understand the messages these very high dimensional beings of light were trying to convey, they suggested I use light language (as the messages were too high for me to translate into words right now.) Channeled: 9 May 2022

Sounds of AwakeningHumanity, You Are Free

Source Creator Codes from High Inter-dimensional Realms