Light Body Restoration with the Andromedans

Light Body Restoration with the Andromedans – for Twin Flames and Starseeds

Channeled 16 September 2019

This session involves:

  • restoration and re-calibration of soul frequencies at the 7D level.
  • With the help of the Andromedans and neighbouring galaxies of light on the galactic federation – Andromedan High Council

“With the Light Rays and Galactic family, restoration of damaged light bodies, emotional, auric field, energetic tears.

Rips, cords, leaching, holes, ties, contracts, vows, all of these can tear at and destroy the power or frequency of a light body.

We want to help restore the highest frequency souls to their highest power again.

Numerous beings will assist.

This will also most likely include cutting energetic fields to portals on Gaia where the dark energies have manipulated and created destructive energies/entities that have attached to the light body of the starseed or divine counterpart in question.

Many other aspects of interference we see with the light body, including attacks or attachments to their spiritual gift centres (eg crown, third eye, sacral, solar plexus chakras) and even higher heart manipulation, can also be cleared and dealt with in these sessions.

These are extremely powerful re-calibration sessions, and will resonate with starseeds and twin flames who have been hit hard by energetic interference, or whose counterpart has been so hit.

Several sessions can assist but we expect even one session will see a big shift in frequency upwards for the light being, and assistance to improving their emotional and energetic state.

Our eternal love and devotion to your light beings and Gaia.

We are here in service.”

The Andromedan High Council with neighbouring galaxies, the Archangels, and Galactic Federation assisting.


  • This is an intense and powerful session for starseeds and twin flame lightworkers in need of a light body restoration.  Please email me first before payment.
  • Not all beings are at 7D or above, so this is for particular starseeds and twin flames only.
  • This is for high dimensional starseeds/twin flames who have been hit hard by negative energies, most likely due to damage from the physical portals you came in to clear on Gaia.
  • If you are not sure about any of the above, please email me at
  • The session will be via Zoom or Skype.
  • We will meditate together and your guides and the Andromedans and Archangels will seal and protect your space and then begin the restoration of your lightbody and other fields.
  • It is likely that you have already done energetic cord cutting and entity clearing before. This is not an involved entity clearing session; if you need entity clearing, you must book an Arcturian Angelic Code DNA Activation session first.
  • For divine counterparts, the counterpart’s soul usually comes into the session and allows the light body restore to proceed for themselves too, as it is in their best and highest good.
  • You will be sealed and protected by the Archangels and Galactic family of light at all times.
  • Session cost: $77USD for 45 minutes.
  • Please confirm with me the suitability of this session for you.  Email:

It is my honour and privilege to work with the Andromedans and Galactic light beings of the highest power to help you heal in this way.

Thank you for your profound service to Gaia and humanity.



Light Body Restoration with the Andromedans and Galactic Federation

45 minute session via Skype or Zoom. We will meditate and call in galactic beings of light to heal and restore your light body.