Light Language Transmissions

From my heart to yours, I share with you messages of light via voice, channeled from my star families of light, the Lyrans, the Arcturian and Andromedan councils of light.

I ask that you receive these transmissions with an open heart, in a meditative state, with love. It is my sincere hope that they reach to your soul, to levels in you that you may not be consciously aware of.  It is my hope that they speak to this inner part of you and maybe even assist, or heal, or comfort you. xx


Lyran Lion Spirit Elohim Message of Love 

channeled/recorded 2 Jan 2021

A Starseed Soul Reconnects to Home


Message from home from the Andromedans  21 Jan 21

Dancing light of the heavens 21 Jan 21

Cosmic family unity 21 Jan 21