Lyran Council of Light

Lightworkers, Starseeds, Twinflames: Are you ready?

Channeled 4 Feb 2019

Dear child,

We connect. It is the Lyran Council.

We would like to put out several messages to the lightworker collective, and that’s what they are, a collective. They may have particular paths that have led them to where they are, but their destination is the same.

We have given you time dear ones, to adjust to the importance of the task, to adjust to the importance of your role in it, your centrality in the program.

Have you adjusted? Have you made the changes we asked of you some time ago now?

Lightworkers, we cannot have doubt in you.

For, you are the leaders! The guides. If you doubt, there is little hope for others.  And they so need you, and they so need hope.

It is real, the illusion you are living.

You see, it is real, the pain and loss and suffering.

It’s little comfort to tell these others that “earth is a school”, that you are here to learn lessons.

The comforts of the fifth dimension are little comfort to the earthlings and souls that need your help and guidance right now.

And you might ask, and we surely hope you do, what can I do for them?

And we say this:  that light you have been working on growing, those gifts you have been tending to, investing in for so long, those skills that are long hidden: these are your tasks.  Put that light out into the world, walk it around, for it touches them and heals, it is strong and rejuvenates the jaded.

Those gifts and talents – are you releasing them or do you sit selfishly on them, as if nesting an egg? They need to be released.

For the vibration is not rising as we want it to.

We send waves, we activate, we beg you to heal and clear past hurts and losses, but then we need you to MOVE into ACTION.

The time for healing and clearing and then sitting in your revitalized vessel is OVER.

We want movement and action, lightworkers.

Join with us in this dance of frequency.

Together, we are going to raise more than just the frequency of humanity. We are going to raise the frequency of Gaia.

And the universe thanks you for your part in this magesterial task.  Gaia thanks you. Source thanks you.

We say in particular, starseeds:  stop doubting, start connecting to your families of light who have walked with you for so long.  Who have waited patiently for you to remember your divine origins, and your creative being and mission.

You are of such pure high frequency.  Remove all from your life that doesn’t serve you. Toxins, people that weigh down your spirit, tethering her to the earth realm when she wants to soar, she needs to soar.

Cut your addictions, the time is now.

They don’t serve you, they don’t serve source.

To the twin flame collective, we say:  you have been through so much. We watch in awe as each earth day, you trudge through the difficulties, the matrix webbing, the tricks and games and foolery of the heart which lies to itself because of the 3D conditioning, programming of the mind, that tries to make you forget your divinity, your twin flame’s divinity, and your inseparable union with source.

Your source power taps you on the shoulder, calls you to return to your truth, the truth of your divine power, in separation and in union. Calls you to return to union with source again.

Let your self-healing guide you to self-love, to balance of your inner masculine and feminine energies.

Let the call of your soul help build your strength to face your doubts, your insecurities, your addictions.

Cut free from them.  They hold you down. They hold you away from reconnecting fully with your higher self, and they serve to separate you from source.

Build towards union, twins, through love for your self first.  Unconditional love for all of your good and bad, and then guide the bad out of your life.

Reclaim your sovereignty, all of you.

Rein in your boundaries.

You have all taken in too much of others’ energy, which has drained your reserves and stolen your light.

We are the Lyran Council of Light.

Your power is our power, and we are yours, in eternity.

Lightworkers and twins, are you ready to guide the way for all earth souls?

We are ready to show you how.

Eternal love,

Lyran Council of Light

[channeled by Beti Kotevski, 4 Feb 2019]                            ©All rights reserved

Lyran Council of Light – Sovereignty Plan + Gaia’s Ascension

channeled 24 December 2018

Dear child. We respond to the questions that have been put to you.

The sovereignty plan was created some time ago when it was determined once and for all that all hope was lost in the free will experiment.

You see, most loving beings of light respected the free will of humans, but those other beings did not.

As a result, because of their breaches of the rules otherwise followed, a decision was made at the highest levels for full intervention in the Gaia ascension experiment.

Thence, we moved our forces in – many star families are there, not just the Lyrans – and with help from our cousins of love and light, we have managed to stop further intervention, and now we are “cleaning up” what is left there after the free will experiment went wrong (due to reptilian and draconian intervention).

You are correct, there are programmed soulless beings and they will be eliminated, but the others with souls will be dealt with by being removed from Gaia to another realm, so that they no longer interfere with her ascension and the ascension of beings of love and light which we need all lightworkers to come and help guide.

When these beings are removed, the natural vibrational frequency of Gaia will rise.

On top of that, light waves we are sending from the great central sun and your sun, plus the rise in frequency from your light beings clearing their channels and putting love as supreme in their hearts, with these combined factors, Gaia’s ascension plan is back on track.

We had to act fast.

There was no time left to waste due to their dramatic and drastic multiplication strategies but they could not win and will not win.

We had to act in full force of source power, as this is where the instructions came from.

Beings without souls will be led off Gaia, eliminated, as they are merely programmed shells, and dark beings with souls will be dealt with in the full power of source.

You do not need to be concerned with how they will specifically be dealt with, just know that we have many realms and many worlds that can accommodate such beings who need to more intensively learn lessons.

Dear child, that leaves the mass of humanity who are with souls (have souls) but are lost.

As we have said, they are increasingly getting stuck in the fourth realm, which is a failure of their ascension journeys, and this is mainly due to attachments to the material realm.

This is why we have put a call out for lightworkers to release their gifts now at the fastest pace they can, to bring the frequencies of love and joy onto the earth.

Our timing is for a final assessment of matters in mid-2020, with a declaration of the position to be made by the Galactic Federation by the end of 2020.

It is most unlikely that these dates will be pushed back.

If anything, they will be brought forward, as has, for instance, the twin flame union project.

That has had many matrix complications but these are being worked out and the unions will be accelerated.

Eternal love,

Lyran Council of Light.

Lyran Council of Light

Channeled 12 Nov ’18 – Twin Flames and Lightworkers, Call to Action

Dear one, we would like to progress with messages for lightworkers – please distribute.

Lightworkers, the time is here, the time has come, the energies have dissolved the walls, blown up the reptilian hangouts, and now we are cleaning up the mess.

This is an “exit” strategy, a clean up strategy that will take 2 years.

In that time, we need swathes and swathes of lightworkers to keep coming online to grid the planet with divine light and love.

You are positioned where you are currently as that’s where you are needed. If you came here with a mission, you will now proceed with that mission.

The time for gentle reminders is over.  We will be blowing up lives to awaken those who made a contract, a promise to the divine to deliver a mission of service, as the time has come and there will be no more gentle coaxing.

This goes for the twin flame community too, and others will speak on this later.

There are now only 2 years left to achieve the sovereignty plan for humans before the wall goes up and those on the outside of it will be excluded for all time in this ascension program.

Do you see now why we hurry!!!

And why you are needed.

It is all about strategy now, and proselytising as in the past will no longer work, and this failed even then – that’s why brute forces took over to drive people into religion – because of fear.

We do not buy into that program.  We therefore require 3 things of lightworkers this moment.

  1. Connect to us to download the technology that’s needed for the next world on earth.  You are needed. Connect to your star families by intending to, by believing, and they will begin their downloads.
  2. Go out in light. No words are needed to “convince” or sell a message, just build your own light through your connection to the divine, and go out and share this light now.
  3. Heal and clear your channels to strengthen the amount of light you can hold to help grid an intense amount of the energies we are sending daily now.  As you open and clear and get stronger, the amount of light you can hold increases dramatically, therefore the amount of light that can be held on Gaia  and interconnected or “fed” into her grid of love and light strengthens dramatically.

So  (in summary)

  • Connect for downloads
  • Heal yourself for intensifying light volumes on earth
  • Go out into the world and just be, don’t proselytize

Yes we understand the energies are intense, don’t pressure yourself.

We need you to step into your gifts, lightworkers, as because we don’t adopt the proselytizing approach, we need to send the message of love and light through other means such as:

  • art,
  • open hearts,
  • unconditional love (not attachment or need – so many of your models of “love” are based on need or co-dependent attachments and these have completely failed to instill joy on earth, which is the purpose of living on the most magnificent planet Gaia.

A failure of joy is a catastrophic failure.

We need to institute new templates of love – for the twin community, in addition to the lightworkers’ requirements previously stated – yes this is in addition to, not in replacement of – we need you all to release all programs of attachment and co-dependency from your hearts.

Only the love and light of source should occupy your hearts and minds.  Always it should be “How can I get closer to source, how can I better hear the call of source in my soul, how can I better hear my soul and her needs” – not this focus on the other person.

Otherwise, you are a drag on the energetic frequency of your twin’s soul, which is trying itself to reach up to grab the source codes and light and bring them down to the earth avatar (the body).

Do you see – because you’re twins, any pressure or drag from you, or pull away from the source connection actively prevents your twin from attaining the source connection.

It is therefore a disservice to source to drag in this way – energy must be allowed to flow NOT attach – and it is therefore also a disservice to the twin relationship and potential union to so drag in this way.

We are the Lyran Council of Light and we will connect again.

Lightworkers, you are loved and blessed. Remember that.


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