Lyran Divine Gift Healing + Solar Plexus Activation

This is a new service, channeled from the Lyran beings of divine Christ Consciousness, on 26 January 2020.

The program will consist of 3 sessions of 30 minutes each, spaced 3 weeks apart. Total cost $133 USD/$190AUD. We meet via Zoom or Skype.

This is an intense healing and activation of the solar plexus chakra aimed at accelerating your access to, and increasing the power of, your spiritual gifts.

It involves timeline healing (past lives) where your gifts have been blocked due to fears from past life transgressions against your sovereignty and in particular for your practice of your divine gifts.

This is a very intense activation and healing, particularly given that it involves 3 sessions, so some healing must have already taken place before a soul can be accepted as ready for this activation/healing.


The Lyran Divine Gift Healing is an intense solar plexus clearing, healing and activation.

It includes:

  • gold light shielding
  • source connection activation
  • timeline healing where there’s been a loss of power
  • spiritual gift activation
  • energetic field clearing with the Archangels and Arcturians
  • emotional body healing with the Archangels and Andromedans
  • 8-22 chakra healing, clearing and activation of the galactic chakras
  • chakra and energetic body balancing with the frequency of the yellow ray of joy, power and service

The healing responds to situations where gift acceleration has stagnated.

Some healing must already have been completed.

More complex cases will require energetic clearing of entities.

This is an intense but gentle coming into power. We expect dramatic improvements in source connection and gift activation.

The Lyran Council of Light

26 January 2020

Lyran Divine Gift Healing + Solar Plexus Activation ($133USD/$190AUD)

Intense solar plexus and past timeline healing, over 3 sessions of 30 minutes each via Zoom or Skype. Intense physical effects can be expected. The payment includes 3 sessions of 30 minutes each.