Mary Magdalen Twin Flame messages

Mary Magdalen – Twin Flames, Trust in your own pure divine essence

channeled message 14 December 2018

Dear child, please send my message of love and hope to the twin community.

Dear twins,

In you is the purity and strength of divine, unconditional love. There is not a force stronger than this. This force is the essence of source himself and you divine twin soul counterparts, are the carriers of this pure essence on earth.

Shine your lights brightly now because you are coming into your full power.

You have done the work, we have seen it.

Clear your channels, as your heart is your direct connection to source love and source love is the fuel that drives something so pure as a twin soul.

So go forth in full knowing of the truth of your purity, the truth of your divine connection to source which is a connection for all time and outside of time, from the before and for the after, for ever, eternally, dear twins, do you understand what I say?

You were the before and you will be the after.

This ascension is for you and for Gaia and for all the other souls that need your work, that need your light, to guide the way.

Open those hearts! Let the light of love pour in so that you can shine on earth as a beacon to the lost, you will attract all that need your light, don’t turn from them. Serve them by giving your light but seal your energy field so that it doesn’t drain.

Make it a one way giving, as then you turn and re-fuel from source, the great central sun, and your sun, let him feed your field with golden rains of sun rays, these are spirit essence rays.

Open up to them.

Children of the light, divine twin soul counterparts, you are the hope of Gaia.

Do you know that?

Do you allow your hearts and minds to feel the truth of that message?

Progress stops if you don’t so please know, the first step, the very first step in all of this, is your belief and trust in your own pure, divine essence.

Take that, breathe that truth in, so it falls from the heavens into the deepest parts of your soul and body on earth.

Take it in to your depths for it is the truth and the truth is the perfection of the unconditional love the divine has for you, on earth, in your avatar, as he does for your soul and spirit in the higher realms.

Take this truth of your divine unconditional love from source and share it with those other desperate, hungry, starved, soul beings in need of your light and love.

That is your mission and purpose on Gaia, as we all work to aid her ascension and the ascension of true soul beings of the earth.

We are in eternal service to this cause.

Eternal love,

Mary Magdalen




Mary Magdalen channeled by B Kotevski on 12 Nov ’18:

Dear child,

We are most certainly ascending to a realm of love.  We are so close to installing the new love template on earth, though of course to those in the heart of the storm of trauma in the twin journey, they won’t feel that way.

And to those very dear precious souls who have given up so much – some of them in this life, in an extended journey of pain with their twin, or in the absence of their beloved counterpart – we can only beg of you: please have faith.

It is all we can ask.

If you turn your minds and hearts to heaven in a quiet moment, dear beloved twin souls, you will find us up here in the higher realms ever-ready to help.

Please ask us for a guiding hand or a touch of love, and feel us caress your cheek or touch your hair, as we are in this together.

As we fight up here, you fight down there – so much energy is spent on putting the dark out of its misery, which is the divine plan and intention, and it is being achieved.

Know that as Archangel Michael has said, many of you are not in union as it is not yet safe for it to be so.

We will always seek to ensure the safety of twin flames as their missions are so vital to the ascension plan.

Please unite with each other (the community) to strengthen your intentions and help remind you of the most sacred and triumphant nature of the journey you have embarked on on Gaia.

You are truly magnificent beings of divine love and light.

Your souls shine with the spark of diamond light that has come straight from source.

You are celebrated and thanked up here, and soon you will be celebrated down there.

We are so grateful, twins.  Light the way, please.


Mary Magdalene.


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