Mary Magdalen-guided Twin Flame Divine Feminine Ascension and Union Program

On 17 December 2018, Mary Magdalen asked me to establish a program to assist Divine Feminines in their spiritual twin flame union and soul mission journeys.

In this Mary Magdalen-guided twin flame divine feminine ascension and union program, Mary will work with you to:

  • enlighten
  • assist
  • guide, and
  • propel you forward

as a Divine Feminine Twin Flame through the union process.

Mary stated to me:

“(Union) is a process, not a good you purchase at the shopping centre – and we will guide the (divine feminines) to fulfill their own promises to source and their souls – to get onto soul mission, as well as to be the most effective, strongest light beings they can.”

What does the program involve?

The program involves 3 one-on-one online channeled guidance, healing and activation sessions, and video modules to view at your own time.

The complete program:

  • video modules from the Lightworker Ascension Activation program ($77USD)  [see here for more details
  • Twin Flame Guidance video modules ($44USD)
  • one-on-one channeled guidance, healing and activation sessions (3 sessions at 1 hour each, online, at a time suitable to you) ($277USD, includes 3, 1 hour sessions).

I was guided by Mary to these energy exchange levels.

The video modules are ideal to include but optional.

If you are further along your ascension journey, you are able to commit to just the one-on-one guidance sessions package ($277USD-note, these new energy exchange levels channeled on 23 June 2019).

If you feel you are not ready for the one-on-one sessions, you are welcome to simply purchase the video modules and watch them at your convenience.

What happens during the one-on-one sessions?

The heart of the Mary Magdalen program is the 3 one-on-one online channeled guidance sessions (1 hour each, via Zoom/Skype).

In these sessions, I will channel Mary’s guidance for you, as well as invite loving beings of light (the Arcturians) to administer any healing you may need.  Other Ascended Masters and the Angelic realm will also be present and may have messages for you.

The healing usually involves clearing of chakra blocks which have built up over time, from this and past life traumas. We will be guided as to what kind of healing you need.

The sessions are intended to guide you in the union journey, and activate your gifts.

Deeper healing may be needed, like Akashic healing of past lives, and those sessions, if required, are priced additionally.

I will be guided by your higher self and team of light as to what you need and you will always have the choice whether to proceed or not.

What can I expect from the program?

Mary has guided me that the program is designed and intended to operate as follows:

“I (Mary Magdalen) will, in conjunction with my star being family and friends, work to activate, heal and clear the Divine Feminines who are guided to you – and of course, the angelic realm will be there too. 

We will meditate, discuss the Divine Feminine’s union issues and, over the 3 sessions, we will guide these beings to propel themselves onto soul mission.

As this is an advanced program, it will only accept beings who have progressed in their ascension process.

If they are really new to the twin flame journey and its issues, they are best to use the mentoring service.

This program is more advanced as I want these Divine Feminines to come into their full power and fast as they are needed on Gaia urgently.

You are to specify they will need to give permission to their higher selves to work with me and star and angelic family beings to move their ascension and union process forward.

They must also commit to daily heart chakra clearing and meditation – this is a serious program and a serious commitment, and you are to state that I have specifically guided you to these requirements.

You and the participants will always be protected.

Many of those I send you will have very important missions to carry out to assist the other divine feminine twin flames in the twin flame union process, as a lot of work needs to be done to meet the two-year deadline for (Gaia’s) ascension, so we will bring you souls that need to be activated onto soul mission quickly.”


If the program resonates with your soul, please contact me before payment.

For any queries, please don’t hesitate to email me at

Mary has asked me to state on this website that I carry a part of her, as a descendent of the Elohim Christ consciousness.

It is an honour and privilege to work with you and Mary to accelerate your soul mission, activate your potential and help you on the divine path to twin flame union!


Purchase here:

Recorded video module of the Ascension Activation program

This gives you access to the recorded videos only. 12 recorded videos of 8-10 minutes in length. Downloadable access.


Twin Flame-specific ascension activation module of 6 recorded videos

6 recorded videos at 8-10 minutes each, available to view via download.


Mary Magdalen Guidance, healing and activation program (includes 3 x 1 hour online session)

One-on-one guidance and activation sessions, at a time of your convenience. Via Zoom. Includes 3 sessions of channeled guidance, via Zoom/Skype. $277USD