**New Earth Leaders & Guides Activation Offering w/ Sanat Kumara & Galactic Forces

  • Sessions to be offered from October 2022

  • This will be an intense channeling and light body energetic activation program for high dimensional starseeds who are already working with spiritual masters, to:

  • assist them to further embed new rainbow light frequencies into the Earth crystalline grid

  • assist them to achieve next-level re-energisation and revitalisation of their energetic field and light body with higher vibrational coding and frequencies to be embedded

  • assist them with channeled guidance for their mission work developing New Earth programs, healings and teachings

  • assist them with strategies to continue developing their individual spirit-self connection to the major spirit energies supporting their trajectory and growth into New Earth leaders and teachers for the forthcoming years.

  • The program assumes you have already achieved significant energetic cleansing, healing and upgrading over the past few years.
  • The program also assumes significant energetic and emotional balance has been achieved.
  • The program assumes there is already clearly directed movement towards embedding spiritual mission work into your daily life.

Physical upgrades and effects can be assumed

  • The program offering is aimed at assisting a major upgrading of the energetic body and capacity to receive and anchor extremely high vibrational light frequencies – many of which are new to the Earth.
  • These are 12th to 24th dimensional activations.
  • Significant physical effects can be expected in the lead up and post session. But also feelings of intense bliss, peace and being at one with universal high consciousness.
  • You will need to listen to your body and rest as required.
  • Incorporating several personal meditation sessions in your schedule, in the lead up to the session, could assist with integrating some of the energetic upgrades.
  • I also recommend deep breathing/breathwork processes to assist during the more intense upgrade times.

  • Offering channeled 28 March 2022


  • It is recommended to remain hydrated and adopt a high vibrational diet in the lead up to the session.
  • We will meet remotely via Zoom/Skype.
  • Please be in a comfortable, quiet location with minimal disruptions around you. It is best to schedule the session for a time you will have the ability to rest afterwards and ideally, with a low demand schedule for a few days following the session and in the lead up.

  • Please express interest in this offering via email to betikotevski@gmail.com letting me know where you are up to in your healing and spiritual ascension journey.

60 min session or as required by your spirit team.

If you are interested in this session, please email me: betikotevski@gmail.com letting me know a bit about yourself. If I haven’t worked with you before, could you please also include a recent photo in the email.

Much love,