High-dimensional Starbeing Mission Guidance and Activation Sessions

**This offering re-opens October 2022

Dear divine starbeing!

Wowwww!!! We have come so far, up-levelled so much!

We are ready for the new downloads our ancient star families are ready to share about this next phase in our soul growth and expansion journeys on Earth.

I would love to share these downloads and messages with you. Channelling your spirit guides and councils of light, including “ancient” inter-galactic councils, let’s see what comes through and what you need to know to help empower your next stages of growth, ascension and returning to your divine self, your highest aspect, as well as advice on incorporating as much of that being’s original galactic serenity into your Earth form.

Messages will focus on soul-expansion and your mission journey in service to the light and humanity on Earth.

It is my absolute honour and a privilege to connect with your divine highest self and your team of light to convey all the highest messages that are needed right now to assist in your next stage of expansion! xxx

You may receive physical energetic activations

Please note: if it is so authorised by your highest self, you could receive significant energetic activations either during or prior to the session, or both! The purpose of these activations is to kick-start any additional clearing of your field including opening to new codes of light that need to come in in order to activate the heightening of spiritual, artistic, scientific and other divine gifts! As these activations can hit very intensely and physically, you will need to listen to your body in that you may need to rest to allow them to integrate. In scheduling a session, it is best to time it when you have a few days of rest available following it, and even in the lead up.

Who do I work with?

It is important for you to know who I work with. If these spirit beings resonate with you, it is more likely that a session between us will be aligned: I work with Star Councils of Light: the Andromedan, Arcturian and Lyran Councils of Light, the Galactic Federation of Light, and Inter-galactic Elders and councils of light, the Archangels in particular Archangel Michael and Gabriel, the Divine Christ Yeshua, Source Creator, Divine Goddess Isis, Lord Sanat Kumara, Master Mary Magdalen, St Germain and other ascended masters in the Great Brotherhood of Man.

This service offering is authorised on 15 November 2021, by the Elders, and Intergalactic Councils of Light

Next steps

**Please email before any payment is made, to confirm alignment is right for us to proceed. betikotevski@gmail.com

I expect to be able to start offering these sessions from around end of November.

Please also note, I am offering an email message version of this session, to make it more accessible/affordable.

Much love,




Live guidance session $190 USD/$220 AUD

Channeled messages via Email: $110 USD/$130AUD