Intense Personal Light language + Sound Healing Sessions

*Availability from July 2022


By the grace of the highest holy spirit Elohim guides and using a combination of specifically tuned sound frequencies, channeled light language and healing energies from the angelic realm, I will conduct an intense full spectrum healing of your multiple light bodies, at the direction of your guides.

The healing could include:

  • ancestral/lineage clearing
  • Akashic past life/past time line clearing
  • inner child blocks
  • dark/grey energy removal
  • all chakra clearing and activation
  • chakra block removal eg throat and sacral
  • as directed by your guides.

I will be channeling frequencies and light and sound codes from our galactic families of light – the Lyrans, Arcturians and Andromedans – to assist your healing and remembrance of your divine origins.

This is an extremely intense clearing, expected to go for around 40 minutes, but you are asked to rest for up to 90 minutes post the session.

A physical purge can be expected, as well as an emotional release and fatigue, but also an intense renewal and lightening of your energetic load can also be expected within a few weeks.

The souls who will best respond to this healing will be very high vibrational starseeds who have numerous emotional and unseen blocks that we will be able to access and clear, with the assistance of our divine helpers.

It is very important that we are aligned vibrationally for a session such as this. So I ask that any interested soul please email before making payment.

It is my honour and privilege to convey the complete divinity of the highest holy spirit through this work with you.




  • please ensure you are able to lie down comfortably for the session in a quiet location with no distractions.
  • Please check your speakers, that they are not too loud.
  • Please ensure that your phone/laptop is on a stable stand.
  • Please have water handy
  • Please ensure you are able to open a window slightly towards the end of the session.
  • Please ensure you do not have plans for the rest of the evening (due to possible emotional release and fatigue following the session.)
  • We will meet via Zoom. I will record the session and email you the recording following the session.

Intense Personal Light Language + Sound Healing Session 40 min $190USD/$220AUD

One on one healing session using sound frequencies and channeled light language