Next-Level Starseed Acceleration Program with Lord Sanat Kumara

**Please note: due to time constraints, the availability for this program is from mid October. Please email if you are interested in applying

Lord Sanat Kumara, key commander of the ascension plan for Gaia, asked me on 17 September 2019 to develop the following program for key starseeds.

“We want an “A-grade” package – one-stop shop – for those who are really ready. Create this: 1 Akashic session, 1 Arcturian clearing, 1 light body surgery, then one combination 2 hour activation session.

This all needs to be done in a short space of time. So, it’s a very intense, very RAPID acceleration onto mission, for very select starseeds.

This is the Next Level Galactic Activation and Acceleration Program for key starseeds.

And they will come.

Most will have technology missions which involve changing earth’s current “approaches” in certain areas, which are actually currently failing earth and humanity.

You can tell them this:

“From the highest levels, Galactic Councils, Archangels, Ascended Masters, the Galactic Federation of Light, and Star families of light, comes this assisted acceleration program for key starseeds.

If this program is for you, you will resonate with these words at a very deep soulful level.

The time has come for the next level upgrading and activation of key light beings whose missions are needed immediately. These are of the nature of change missions and technology missions.

You are to commit to this program for rapid acceleration.

You will be assisted to be on mission fully within 3 months.

It is highly advisable to create the earth realm space for the clearing and transformative activations that will be given in this program.

One focus will be clearing of debris from energy bodies – this will be via Akashic healing, energetic clearing and light body restoration and rejuvenation. That is the first stage and will involve several separate sessions.

The second stage will work with the energetically cleared soul and spirit to activate latent psychic spiritual gifts, talents and receptors, so that you can start to more clearly receive spirit guidance, channeled from the highest realms, purely and clearly.

This will dramatically accelerate your mission journey.

The time is critical now, for you to be totally in your mission powers.

We work with and thank this Channel for her purity of heart, commitment to service, and honour of Source and all the wonderful universal creations beneath the cosmic level.

A purer source channel is hard to find and we will continue to honour and work through this Channel in this, your ascension and acceleration journey. Have full confidence that your team of light has “vetted” this Channel, and know that few are of purer light, so trust.

Again, I say, if these words resonate with your soul, that is your spirit calling for you to take the next step forward on your life’s journey to complete soul fulfillment in every aspect.

Eternally, in service,

Lord Sanat Kumara



If this resonates with you, please email me before booking or payment to confirm it is the right time to start this acceleration and that you are ready. This is essential, as I will need to confirm with your spirit guides this is the best next step for you.

Once confirmed, let me know your timezone and availability and we will confirm a time for the first session.  This will be the Arcturian Angelic Code DNA Activation session, which could go for 90 minutes and could involve an entity clearing if required. (Please read the page on this website for the Arcturian Angelic Code DNA Activation Session, as that is what we will cover in this, your first session.)

Please download the Zoom app or let me know if you will be using Skype. I will email you the Zoom link for our session shortly before our first meeting. Please ensure you have a webcam and sound on. The sessions will be recorded for you.

Please make payment below using the Paypal button or you can make an arrangement with me to break the costs down and pay in parts if this helps.

Part payments can be sent directly via as USD or AUD (unless we have arranged otherwise). Please email me to let me know you are doing this at

For Australians, if you wish to pay via bank transfer, let me know.

When to book your session

This is a very intense program, it’s accelerated. If a lot of emotional body and chakra clearing is needed, expect a big release of emotional “gunk” from your system. This could be experienced as crying, rage/emotional volatility, exhaustion/heavy fatigue.  Similar effects can result from the Akashic healing session.

The activations could give you headaches, sinus issues, and physical pain as chakras are cleared and switched on.

The Arcturian energetic clearing could give you intense exhaustion and a need to rest or “go slow” for a few weeks, as toxic energetic cords are cut and entities cleared from your field (if applicable).

In terms of the galactic activations you will receive, they will include all of those listed in the accelerated Arcturian and Andromedan programs (you can read those pages on the website).

For more info, please email me at

Please know that as we are working with your guides and energy, we cannot predict how and when everything will unfold. Best to have minimal expectations but big excitement and joy at your future prospects living in authentic mission power.

The aim really is to activate you onto your mission path and enable you to “hear” and channel your spirit guides much more clearly, as well as activate or switch on and turn up latent psychic gifts so that you can proceed to do your mission work and co-create with spirit.

I am really thrilled to help connect you with the majestic beings of light who stand by ready to guide and activate you onto your true authentic soul path!

Much love,




Next-level Accelerated Starseed Program with Lord Sanat Kumara ($333USD or $480 AUD)

Includes 4 sessions (1 Akashic, 1 Arcturian clearing, 1 Andromedan Light Body Restore, and 2 hour general galactic activations session). Includes channeled guidance on mission. Via Skype or Zoom. Physical effects likely. All sessions to be completed within 3 months.