Session bookings / Updates

Please note:

  • Personal sessions not currently open. (as at 27 July)


  • All sessions need to be arranged by email before any payment is made.
  • I am not currently offering Akashic healing as a standalone service.

  • The energies are turbulent presently and therefore I am not able to offer many personal sessions at this time. Make sure to look after yourself and your energy, and take one day at a time.  I am awaiting a settling of the energies to begin starseed activation sessions again.

  • The growth of the planet to 5D and of most lightworkers to 9D and beyond means the more junior starseed activation services no longer need to be offered (as these activations have already been incorporated by most of the collective in the upgrades that have occurred for the last two years.)

  • All sessions can be very intense energetically. Make sure you are ready and able to fit any emotional releases and big energetic changes in your life at this time.

  • Once we have agreed via email to a date and time for your session, payment needs to be made within 3 days of our agreement, otherwise the session date and time is automatically cleared and we need to consult again to set up another time. I cannot work on the basis of last minute changes and payments as the healing energy has already been exchanged.

  • I don’t do personal tarot readings. Though these are super fun to do, I was guided to focus on healing and activation sessions. Please try to trust your gut and your intuition, you are probably receiving spot on guidance via your own tarot pulls but may be doubting the messages.

How to proceed:

If you are interested in a healing or activation, email me any options that resonate, or you can ask me to tune in to see what is recommended for you from your guides.

Please always email before making any payment as it may not be the best time energetically for us to meet (usually this is because there is some processing your guides will be leading you through in the meantime).  Email:

For twin flame guidance, I recommend the you tube channel Twin Light Tarot where I channel the spirit guides of the collective. A lot of what happens to the twin flame collective applies to many twins in that particular part of the collective, therefore, generally speaking, you may gain a lot of direction from those general channeled readings.

Please note as all sessions are spiritually oriented, we work together in the spiritual realms before any 3D session, so you will most likely feel some effects , get downloads or activations before the actual session. 

Akashic healing is now being offered only as part of starseed activation sessions and the Divine Mother healing, not as a stand alone service. 

Spirit’s timing is always best. If it is not the best time for us to meet right now, that is because your guides wish you to process more healing and soul discoveries which need time. Please know it is essential I respect your guides’ indications around any session timing.

It is  always my honour to work with you and your spirit team to bring more joy and expansion into your life, and to assist Gaia’s healing and liberation by activating divine lights – you! – to remember who they are.

Much love, and gratitude for your light,




My general availability is as follows.

US/North America/Canada/South America:  Wednesday, Thursday, Friday evenings from 8pm (EDT time), and from 5pm Pacific time.

Europe/Middle East/South Africa:  Thursday + Friday mornings London time, from 6am to 9am.

Australia: Thursdays and Fridays 10am til 7pm + some Saturday mornings.

Booking an activation program or clearing session

Please carefully consider the appropriateness of any session before booking or making payment.  We are working with energy. Ensure you are emotionally strong enough to proceed with any emotional or energy clearing sessions before booking.

Your guides could really push you to clear dead energy rapidly, and this can hit you physically and emotionally, and can impact your daily life for a short period of time.

Also ensure you have time and physical space to integrate any energetic changes. Most sessions have physical impacts. For entity clearing sessions, these impacts can go for up to 6 weeks.

Please know I work with divine source creator energy of the highest Christ Consciousness – the Archangels, Angelic Realm, Yeshua Jesus Christ, Master Magdalen, Lord Sanat Kumara, indigenous spirit guides, the Ascended Masters and Galactic families of light like the Andromedans and Arcturians, as well as the Galactic Federation of Light.

If you do not resonate with these energies, it is definitely best that you work with another healer.

For the starseed activation and negative entity clearing sessions, it is important that you are open to working with these beings of divine Christ Consciousness.

For the entity clearing sessions, it is important that you keep yourself protected with Archangel Michael, Ascended Masters like Yeshua and Mother Mary, and Galactic family of light like the Arcturians and Andromedans, as these are the beings who help keep our energy fields clear and protected.  It is important to shield your energy field daily, and avoid drugs and alcohol.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me at

Much love



** Please note: to capture any AUD prices on the website, you can pay the listed AUD amount via and select AUD.


30 min Channeled guidance session $95USD/$120AUD (existing clients only)

30 min general channeled guidance and any healing as directed by your spirit team. Via Zoom or skype.


General energetic healing/channeled guidance session 45min (for existing clients only) $140USD/$160AUD

Includes any energetic healing requested by your guides, cord cutting, field clearing, etc, and channeled messages. Can be intense. Please note, physical effects may result. We meet via Zoom.


60min General channeled guidance session $170USD/$190AUD (existing clients only)

60 min channeling for you with any healings as directed by your spirit team. Via zoom or skype.