Session info

Session openings:   Thank you so much for your interest in a personal session. Currently, as at June 2022, I am not able to offer personal sessions. Please check back here in a few months for updates on potential session openings. Much love, Beti xxx

Please read all of the below info before proceeding with any session request or booking a session with me.

In all my work, I am merely a clear channel of the Divine Creator and His messengers of light, in service of the light, and working to bring healing and transformation to lightworkers, starseeds and twin flame souls on Earth, to assist souls and Earth to a higher vibrational level of being. All glory to the Divine Creator. 

Though these times are transformative, and challenging, overall, we can remain incredibly optimistic that Earth is continuing to move up into higher vibrational energy.

Personal sessions – how they work

It is always my aim to assist your guides – your higher self and team of light – to share with you their crucial messages, energies and activations supporting your empowerment, light upgrading and awakening, to assist your growth and elevation into higher vibrational being and living, and to assist you to then go forward and lead and teach others where that is your mission, or to share your many artistic and healing gifts. 

More and more gifts are coming in for lightworkers. You will always be supported by spirit to keep growing and elevating, to share the light from your pure heart and loving intention, for the healing of the planet.

Your guides are here to help you to come into your power, to remember your divine power, to assist you to move away from self-doubt and patterns of giving your power away, and to guide you onto a path of conscious divine service of the light and humanity via your soul mission/s in this lifetime.

All decisions on your spiritual growth and upgrades including speed and intensity are determined by your spirit guides. It is my honour and privilege to assist you and your team in this magical awakening and remembrance of your divine power and to channel your team’s messages that can help you on your awakening path!

**Important information, please note all of the below:

1. All sessions can be very intense energetically and the energetic shifts can start well before the actual session as spirit starts working once I agree that we are going ahead with your session request. Make sure you are ready and able to fit any emotional releases and big energetic changes in your life that your spirit guides bring in. 

2. By proceeding with any booking, you are representing to me that:

you are healthy physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally,

you are able to healthfully absorb and process any activations, healings and messages from any session,

you have local support networks to assist you if at any time you need help with your personal mental and physical state etc, or you will take steps to organise any mental health or any other support you may need. 

Please note, my work is of a spiritual nature, channeling messages from your spiritual team, from the Akashic records, and from the Divine Creator for your growth and elevation. I am not a mental health therapist of any kind. By working with me, you represent to me that at any time you need to, you will obtain mental health support as soon as you need it.

Please also note all of the following:

Physical effects/spiritual activations:  All sessions are spiritually oriented.  It is possible that we may work together in the higher realms before any 3D session, so you could feel some effects, get downloads or activations, or even general weirdness : ) before the actual session. Any energy you receive is directed and authorised by your higher self and team of light at all times.

Please ensure you eat well, keep hydrated, rest as required, avoid alcohol and stay positive generally if you are feeling any such energetic effects particularly from activation and healing session bookings. As you are a manifestor and creator yourself, please also know that you can ask your guides at any time to slow down any physical effects if they are too intense. Your spirit team directs the intensity and nature of all spiritual effects and changes in or outside of any session at all times.

Session timing:  Spirit’s timing is always best. If it is not the best time for us to meet right now, that could be because your guides wish you to process more healing and soul discoveries which need time. Please know it is essential I respect intuitive indications around any session timing.

It is always my honour to work with you and your spirit team to assist to bring more joy and expansion into your life, and to assist Gaia’s healing and liberation by helping to activate divine lights – you! – to remember who they are.


**I work with Divine Creator and energy of the highest Christ Consciousness: the Archangels, in particular, Archangel Michael and Archangel Gabriel, the Angelic Realm, Yeshua, Master Magdalen, Sanat Kumara, Isis, indigenous & native spirit guides, the Great White Brotherhood of Man and Ascended Masters, St Germain, Galactic families of light like the Lyran, Andromedan and Arcturian Councils of Light, Pleiadean Forces, the Galactic Federation of Light, and Intergalactic Elders.

If you do not resonate strongly with many/most of these energies, it is best that you find another guide to work with with whom you have a closer spiritual alignment.**

Proceeding with a session

  • Please carefully consider the appropriateness of any session before booking. We are working with energy. Ensure you are emotionally strong enough to proceed with any emotional or energy clearing sessions before booking. Your guides could really push you to clear dead energy rapidly, and this can hit you physically and emotionally, and can impact your daily life for a period of time.
  • The nature of the messages you receive in any session can be very powerful on a personal and emotional level.
  • Ensure you have time and physical space to integrate any energetic changes. Please note, energetic clearing can come through even in a general channelled guidance session. This is directed by your guides at all times.
  • Depending on where you’re at in your journey, you could receive personal relationship/twin flame messages, ascension and spiritual awakening journey guidance, messages from your cosmic/galactic self and team of light, and past life/past timeline downloads in any session.
  • The messages that come through in any session are what your team of light decides to bring through. I have no control over this, as I am merely a conduit – not a director – of your divine team.
  • In any session, there will be spiritual, personal, or relationship knowledge that I am not able to access as this is not what your guides wish to bring through at this time. I always accept that what comes through in any session is what is needed to come through at that time; similarly, what doesn’t come through is what spirit does not need you to know at this time. Please ensure you adopt a similarly respectful and non-attached/state of flow approach to any session.

It is essential to be of a strong, healthy mind state before proceeding with the booking of any session. By booking a session, you are confirming to me that you are in such a state and will be able to successfully and healthfully process the messages channeled and any clearing, healing or activation energies that you are given in the session, post the session or in the lead up.

Please note, all energetic shifts are authorised by your higher self/team of light at all times. I act only as a conduit of divine energy and messaging.

In every session, I ask that only the most important, best and highest good messages come through. These can be very intense and life-changing in the most wonderful ways!

All Glory to God, the Most High.