Small-Group Channeled Guidance + Activation Program

**New groups starting from February 2020**

Please note: to participate in this program, please email me first to confirm

The Small-group Channeled Guidance and Activation Program is for twin flames, lightworkers and starseeds, and is aimed at accelerated growth and healing on your individual spiritual ascension journey, propulsion forward onto soul mission, and for twin flames, to also help move you towards a long term, sustainable union with your divine twin soul counterpart.

Healing and activations will be offered by:

  • the Archangels and the angelic realm,
  • Star families of light,
  • Ascended Masters,
  • the Lords of the 7 Rays,
  • the Galactic Federation of Light,
  • the spiritual hierarchy of earth,
  • in conjunction with your higher self, at the intensity determined right for you and the group.

Please note: physical effects can result from healings and activations. Please be mindful to rest, and hydrate well, following any session, and for up to a week or two later.

The activations can take up to 2-3 weeks to integrate fully. It is expected the healings and activations will be intense and could also lead to emotional releases of old energy, to help you move forward on your journey.


  • The program involves 3 sessions of 1 hour each over 9 weeks.(ie we meet every 3 weeks, over 9 weeks) This is so your spiritual team can guide you intensively/activate you, over a short space of time, for your growth and healing.
  • The sessions will be recorded and available for viewing post session.
  • Small groups – ie maximum 4 participants.
  • Each session will include:
    – General channeled guidance for the group (and could include messages for your individual twin situation)
    – Activations and healings (as determined by the Angelic realm, Ascended Masters and Star family and your higher selves)
  • Aims:
    – Gives you guidance and support over 9 weeks
    – Channeled messages from your spiritual team
    – Activations and healings that can accelerate your spiritual growth. You will have cleared old energy and grown over the time.
    – Connect with a group of like-minded and supportive others
    – If you miss a session, you still receive the recording and activation.
  • Who is this for:
    Starseeds and twin flames who want :
    – Support on the journey
    – Targeted healing and activations
    – Accelerated ascension and inner growth
    – Connection with others
    – Privacy- small group via Zoom, won’t be on You Tube.
  • What is required:
    – Positive vibration and outlook
    – A desire for growth and coming into your power and divine gifts
    – Operating from the heart
    – Kindness and compassion towards others in the group
    – An openness and trust in Spirit and your guides
    – A willingness to start to leave your ego self behind and work more and more with your higher self.
  • Times:
    – The sessions will be held: Thursday evenings New York time, Thursday evening Los Angeles time, Thursday evening Melbourne time, and Friday morning London/Europe time
  • Technical info
    – Sessions will be via Zoom. You need to download the Zoom app to your phone or laptop. You need a webcam on your computer.
    – Participants will be able to ask questions via the typed chat area through the session.
  • Cost:
    – $135 USD (includes 3 group sessions of 1 hr each), you can pay by session $45USD each, see buttons below, but you do need to commit to the whole program.  Or you can email me to arrange another payment plan, via
    – For Australian participants, you can use the Australian paypal button below, or arrange to pay by bank transfer (email me for details). (converted amount is $65 per session, or $195 in total)

**Please do not make any payments until you have received an email from me stating your group is going ahead. Thank you! xx

Small-group Channeled Guidance and Activation Program $135 USD

Includes 3 sessions of 1 hr each, via Zoom.


Small-group Channeled Guidance program – $45USD Per session

Includes payment for 1 session of 1 hour.




Small-group Channeled Guidance + Activation Program – Australian groups $195AUD

Includes 3 sessions at 1 hour each


Small-group Channeled Guidance + Activation program – $65AUD Per session Australian Residents only

Includes 1 group session of 1 hr.