Advanced Starseed Power Frequency acceleration sessions with Sanat Kumara + the Galactic Forces

The details of the following new activations were channeled on 19 May 2020.

Advanced Starseed Power Frequency Acceleration sessions with Sanat Kumara and the Galactic Federation Earth Forces Galactic Command

“Extremely powerful frequencies are now available on earth.

We are targeting intense energetic debris release in ready individuals who are about to embark on their soul mission as divine source representatives on earth.

These are extremely powerful frequencies that will be targeted at your key energetic blocks. Physical and emotional releases can be expected.

This is a program of sessions, but is also stand-alone, as needed, to lift debris.

Timeline healing is also involved.

We ask that the starseed applying be advanced on the journey as the frequencies incoming in these sessions will be some of the most powerful currently available on earth.

The channel will guide the work of the frequencies to the pain centres targeted by the applicant’s higher self/divine aspect.

The nature of this program is that the frequency clearing and acceleration can be timed to suit the individual’s progress. We recommend at minimum a 3 week gap between sessions.

Eternally, in divine service,

Sanat Kumara”

– Channeled 19 May 2020


  • We will meet online via Zoom or Skype. Ensure you are comfortable.
  • The session will consist of 30 minute joint meditation where I will channel messages from your higher self and direct the frequencies to the chakras and blocks your higher self guides me to.
  • Please avoid alcohol in the lead up for a few days.
  • It is expected the activations will start upon booking.
  • Please ensure you email me before booking to confirm you are ready for this program. Email:
  • Please do not make payment until you have received confirmation from me that we can go ahead, as I need to check in with your guides. This ensures the session is appropriate for you.

As a general guide, you will be ready for these activations if:

– you have completed a good deal of emotional purging/release in the past few years and are mainly on an activation path now

– you have already completed several starseed sessions or activations with me or other similar healers/activators

– you feel physically and emotionally strong and ready for up-leveling in your spiritual gifts

– you have been on the spiritual journey for some time (eg 2+ years)

In your email, please include a short paragraph confirming any of the above (unless we have already worked together, in which case, just email me re your interest in these activations and I will let you know whether/when to go ahead and make payment.)

You are free to purchase more than one session, but the sessions must be timed to take place at a gap of at least 3 weeks.

Generally speaking, if you are on the twin flame journey and still experiencing a lot of emotional releasing, I would recommend other healing and then progression onto a program such as a starseed ascension or acceleration program before these activations. Again, if you’re not sure, just contact me via email and I will tune in.

It is with much excitement that I work with you to channel these energies to help activate your gifts, heal and clear energetic blocks, and accelerate your ascension journey in this way!



Advanced Starseed Power Frequency acceleration sessions with Sanat Kumara + Galactic Forces $44USD/$70AUD

Intense light frequency activations, aimed to clear blocks and open energy centres. We meet for 30min via Zoom and Skype, in joint meditation. The frequencies are targeted at your energetic blocks.