Starseed Ascension Activation Service – Pleiades, Lyra, Orion, Sirius

Starseeds, welcome!

On 8 January 2019, authority was conferred on me from the following councils of light, in conjunction with the Arcturian High Council and the Galactic Federation of Light, to provide an ascension activation service for their starseeds incarnated on Gaia:

Lyra, Pleiades, Orion, and Sirius

If these star families resonate with you, please read on!!

The Councils of Light guided me as follows:

“We need starseeds to come into their gifts now, and to clear and heal any karmic baggage – this is acting as a real block to their ascension journeys and their abilities being shared in the world.

These activations will start the process of reawakening your gifts.

It is a most exciting time for starseeds on Gaia.

Starseeds are remembering their origins but they are foggy and they don’t know where to go – therefore we are authorizing you to work with the Arcturians to heal and activate these individuals, and to call in the aforementioned star families into each session, and the appropriate family will come in to connect with the star child and give them messages.

Light code activations from the angelics will also be applied as we want an acceleration of their healing and propulsion forward of their full starseed potential.

They all came to Gaia to do big things and now is the time for them to fully step into their roles.

This message is to be published on your website, stating the date that authority was conferred and the authorities as previously stated –

Lyran Council of Light, Pleiadian Council of Light, Sirian Councils of light, Orion Council

We confirm there is agreement from the Arcturian High Council for assistance to activate these starseeds, and protection will be conferred by the angelic realm and the Arcturians.”

What will the sessions involve?

I was guided as follows:

The sessions will involve the angelic realm and ascended masters as needed. Healing will be guided by the Arcturians, and I will channel messages from your star family.

Arcturian High Council healers who have been nominated to work on starseeds to heal and clear their blocks in order to activate your full starseed potential will be authorised by your higher self to begin the healing work on you as we meditate together, you should be in a quiet comfortable place. Note that healing can begin even once energy exchange is made, as your higher self starts to work with your star family and Arcturians.

Ascension Activation Process and Energy exchange

The Councils guided that the Activation Process is to be committed to in the following way:

  • 30 minute ($60USD) initial activation session which will include 10 minutes of discussion and 20 minutes of meditation and channeled messages to be conveyed from the higher self, and Akashic records will be accessed as required and as appropriate for the starseed.
  • If healing is required (I will be advised during the initial session), the starseed is to be advised as follows: 2 follow up sessions are to be purchased (for $66 USD each) for 45 minutes.  The Councils stated they recommend two sessions, as only one session will leave the starseed incomplete in their healing journey.
  • The Councils advised that in some circumstances, an individual that is ready to be propelled forward fast (who may be more advanced on the spiritual journey), will need a 2 hour session of healing, clearing and activation, for $133USD, (instead of the intial activation and 2 follow up sessions approach above). All relevant star families, angelics and ascended masters will be there to participate. [**If this 2 hour session resonates with you, please email me first so I can check my guidance if this is the best path before you make the payment.]
  • Starseeds may also need Akashic healing sessions, and if we advise this is required, it’s for their own interests and you are to offer it. [See more info on Akashic healing below.] We will be guided during the initial activation if you require Akashic healing. These sessions are priced at $50USD each for 45 minutes.
  • Soul purpose and light mission guidance sessions – $33USD for 30 minutes – channeled messages from the starseed’s star family, the ascended masters and the angelic realm on the missions critical for them to begin.  However, these sessions can only be offered after the 2 Akashic healing sessions (if we were guided that Akashic healing was required). This was specific guidance from the Councils.

**All sessions take place online via Zoom at at time suitable to you. Please make sure you have a good internet connection.

Akashic Healing

The Councils advised as follows:

“You are to state that you are authorised by the angelic realm to retrieve lost soul frequencies via these Akashic healing sessions. This is a most urgent and important task as you will be working to make souls whole againMany starseeds and twin flames we send you will need this clearing work and at least 2 sessions additional.”

In an Akashic healing session, the angelic realm, working with your higher self, will guide us as to what you are ready for and what is in your best and highest interests to clear at the time.  Through this process, your higher self will work with the angelics to clear timelines in the Akashic records that have been blocking your healing and ascension progress.  Such clearing usually has physical impacts and integration periods, so the sessions should be scheduled when you will have the opportunity to rest for the following 2-3 days.  You will protected at all times during the sessions with Archangel and Arcturian presence to seal and protect your energy field.


Please review the above carefully to ensure it resonates before making payment.

IMPORTANT INFO:  Attachments

You need to be aware that where I am guided to remove attachments/negative toxic entities that may be plaguing you (or your twin, in twin flame situations) (entities that you/they may not even know about), the healing/recovery process from this can take 4-6 weeks with physical and emotional effects, and sleep impacts, as the toxic energies are cleared from your body and environment.

Negative attachments/energies can attach from past drug use (even prescription drugs), physical or sexual abuse, times of low vibration, alcohol abuse, black magic, and negative toxic parenting. These are complex situations and removal of such entities can have difficult physical effects in the short term, but can completely improve your life to positivity in the medium to long term, allowing you to remember your divine essence and step into your power.

I am discovering that many starseeds have experienced these attachment blocks, because they are so attracted to your positive light. They basically use any situation of low vibration/drug use to move in and try to neutralise your divine power and self belief.

Protect your energy

You will be protected during the session by the Archangels and Arcturians and I highly recommend that any meditation or channeling you do, or in any work where you open up to the spiritual realm, you call in the Archangels and the Arcturians to protect you and your energy field.

General info

At all stages during the session and as we organise to meet, I will be guided by your higher self and the Archangels about what is in your best and highest good.

Please note, if you do have negative attachments, even booking the session can set in train emotional and physical upheaval, as part of your recovery process as the Arcturians and Archangels get to work to protect you from the attachments, until we can meet and clear them permanently. In this case, email me and let me know what is happening.

An accelerated pathway is available for those who are further along on their ascension journey, see below.

I can’t wait to re-connect you with your star families of love and light, who are so excited for you to start your soul mission journey and begin the next most amazing co-creation phase of your life on earth, where you are open to artistic and creative empowerment, love, healing, and all-round abundance!

Much love,



Initial Activation session – 30 minutes online

Online via Zoom at a time suitable to you. Includes star family channeled messages + guidance as to healing.



Starseed Activation Healing Sessions – 2 x 45 minutes

Recommended 2 separate sessions at 45 minutes each of healing and activations guided by the Arcturians, star family and the angelic realms. Online via Zoom at a time suitable to you.


ALTERNATIVE OPTION to the above two stages – email me to confirm before booking:


Starseed accelerated activation, healing + guidance session – 2 hours online

Accelerated healing and activation for starseeds further along the ascension journey. Online via Zoom at a time suitable to you. Channeled messages and guidance from your star family, the angelic realm, and ascended masters. Healing from the Arcturians to clear blocks and accelerate ascension. Light activations from the angelics. Possible Akashic guidance.




Akashic healing + Soul Frequency Retrieval session – 90 minutes ($140 USD/$200 AUD)

We will be taken to the Akashic records by the Archangels to heal and clear timelines you are ready to, to assist your ascension journey. Very important for starseeds and twin flames, aids union. You will receive channeled guidance about key past lives that need to be cleared. Online via Zoom. If this has been recommended, you may need 2 sessions. Physical effects can result.



Soul purpose and light mission guidance sessions – 30 minutes

To be booked only after any required Akashic healing sessions have been completed. Online via Zoom. Includes channeled messages from star family.


For more info about any of the above, please email me at

It is an honour to help you on your activation and ascension journey into remembering your full divine power!!