Starseeds – Accelerated Ascension Pathway for Advanced Starseeds

Guided by Archangel Michael, and the Galactic Federation

With Lord Sanat Kumara, Ascended Masters, and Star Families of Light

This is a **new service** (as at April 2019).

Channeled message from Archangel Michael, 22 April 2019:

“We are going to introduce new light code activations for starseeds using your service.  This is an accelerated awakening and push onto soul mission.  You are to offer this as a new service.

This service will include:

– Merkabah (light body) activation (with Archangel Metatron)

– Starseed light code activation of etheric, astral and emotional bodies to clear blocks,

– rapid progress and healing

– accelerated move onto soul mission

This service is for key starseeds advanced on the journey.  They must apply to you first for approval before booking.

Other key elements of this accelerated service will include:

– Arcturian light and etheric body clearing and angelic code DNA activation

– twin soul chakra balancing (where the starseed is a twin flame)

– Akashic healing

– light activations

– the 8-12 chakra re-opening, alignment and clearing to accelerate ascension initiation level progress from 5th level initiation onwards (MUST apply before payment, for approval)

All clients (committing to the program) must abide by the following:

  • Must be pure of heart and in the heart as much as possible
  • Must have done considerable meditation, clearing, healing, or Akashic work in the past
  • If on the twin flame journey, must have reached a level of regular compassion in the heart for their twin soul.

This service is guided by:

  • the Ascended Masters,
  • the Galactic Federation,
  • the Great White Brotherhood of Man,
  • Lord Sanat Kumara and Shamballa, and will include:
  • the support of the Archangels,
  • the Arcturians for healing and protection, and
  • other Star families of light.

Once the client has graduated this session successfully, they are to do a follow up session – 30 minutes at $44USD – to see if they are ready for the one-on-one 6 month Accelerated Ascension Initiation journey with you and the Galactic forces, to:

  • Move them upwards rapidly
  • Clear and heal any remaining blocks
  • Push them onto soul mission with continuing support, clarity and connection to their higher team.

The six month journey will see them, if properly committed, moving their ascension initiation up at least one level, which is very dramatic. (for example, from level 5 to level 6).

El Morya and Lord Sanat Kumara preside from the earth spiritual hierarchy, and the Galactic Federation preside from the cosmic galactic point of view.

Make sure there are touch base catch ups every 4-6 weeks, as guided, and we will send the activations and healings there.  This means at least 4 catch ups, at 45 minutes each. $244USD.”

(channeled on 22 April 2019)


  • First step:  1.5 hours $144USD  (please email me first before booking, at )
  • Second step:  30 minutes at $44USD
  • Third stage:  6 Month One-on-One Accelerated Ascension Initiation Journey with the Galactic Forces (4 x 45 min sessions $244USD)

Please note:

  • Please contact me before booking. Email:
  • If this seems a bit too advanced at this stage, please look up the other starseed activation services which are exciting and will propel you forward fast.
  • For Divine Feminine twin flames, I highly recommend the Mary Magdalen program if that resonates. Have a read of that page.
  • All sessions will be online via Zoom, or Skype where Zoom is not available. (if you are connecting on a phone, please download the Zoom app. If you are on a computer, there may be a small piece of software to download.) Please check Zoom is available in your country. If not, please let me know and could you please download Skype and look me up: live:bettykotevski or find me Beti Kotevski
  • For the 6 month program, I will be guided as to the dates of each session by your higher self and team of light.  There will be clearing work to do in between, so the dates will be spaced apart at least 4 weeks, more likely around 6 weeks apart.

Physical effects

  • There can be physical effects from the sessions, often these can start once you book. Please rest if you need to, keep hydrated, remain in positive thinking.
  • Please note this is an accelerated program, therefore the healing and clearing will be accelerated and undertaken in shorter periods of time than normal. This will have physical impacts. By booking you acknowledge this and acknowledge that you are at all times responsible for looking after your physical vessel before, during and after any healing sessions. Please be sensible and seek medical attention where necessary.
  • In the lead up to an appointment, please avoid alcohol and drugs.
  • Following an appointment, it is best to allow time (at least half a day, preferably a few days) to allow the healing and clearing energies to settle.

Divine warriors of light, it is truly my honour and privilege to work with you in your ascension journey, to help get you onto soul mission and to come into your power! I so look forward to connecting with you!




Starseed Accelerated Ascension Pathway – First Session

1.5 hours (90 mins) via Zoom/Skype. Healing, activations, Merkabah. Galactic Federation, Ascended masters + Archangel-guided. Accelerated healing, clearing and activations. Physical effects possible. (Email first before booking please)


Starseed Accelerated Ascension Pathway – Second session

30 minutes. via Zoom or Skype. Follow up session post initial activation. Preparation for and assessment ahead of 6 month program. Additional healings and activations, channeled guidance from the Ascended Masters and Archangels presiding.


Starseed Accelerated Ascension Initiation Program – 6 Month duration

Includes at least 4 sessions of 45 minutes each (up to a maximum of 6 sessions). Via Zoom or Skype. I will be guided as to the timing of sessions. Present will be the Galactic Forces, Archangels and Ascended Masters including El Morya + Lord Sanat Kumara. Includes healing and clearing of blocks, light activations, Arcturian + Akashic healing as needed, channeled guidance. Note this is an accelerated healing program for advanced starseeds, physical effects are likely. Note also a commitment to meditation is required.