Arcturian healing + ascension activations for starseeds

My several sessions with Beti have been extremely fruitful and productive, yielding a strengthened connection with Source and a much, much greater feeling of the larger picture.  Each session was better than the last….cannot wait for the next.  Beti has a heart to serve, and I feel she is sincerely good at it.  She is clear and direct with a distinct ability to not waste efforts (time) on sugar coating, or other non mission critical stuff.  Very highly recommend.


Daytona, Florida

Beti has helped connect me to my higher self through her openness and willingness to hold space for me as an individual.  She speaks on behalf of the light and channels individual messages as she receives them with the utmost honesty. In my experience with her, she has shown nothing but privacy and integrity in sharing the information she receives with me. She is to be trusted and I am so grateful for her support. Both in the 3D and beyond!!!


Brooklyn, NY 2019

Following my healing session with Beti, a lot of stuff has come up for me. I feel like I have manifested so many new abilities already.  It’s incredible!  I can control outcomes, and am working on other stuff too. Thanks so much for being a catalyst in my mission!!

A. Brooklyn, NY


Twin Flame guidance

Beti has been instrumental in helping me manoeuvre and gain perspective in what has been an intensely challenging phase. With all the qualities I have been seeking in a guide and counsellor along this journey, Beti brings an intuition, expertise, and personal experience to her work, but is also genuine, grounded and logical, striking a balance that I have found to be rare within the ascension and spiritual community.  Most importantly, Beti has helped me awaken to what I am and what I am going through. Turns out I am not crazy.  Confirmation and experiences during our sessions has led to a deep knowing and a renewed sense of peace and strength. Thank you Beti.

D.M. Canada

Tarot readings

I was amazed by my first tarot reading as my question regarding my direction about my career was answered during the reading. I didn’t even ask the question out loud. I felt that this was a really good sign about the accuracy of Beti’s readings and the power of the reading. It was also very fun.

SK, 2018

Beti’s reading was thoughtful and completely attuned to the significant issues in my life at the time. It was a gentle reminder that I needed to address these issues with the reassurance that I was guided and supported on this journey. Highly recommend her!

HA, Syd, Aust. 2018


Akashic healing + Soul frequency retrieval sessions

(Following the Akashic healing session) I went to meet friends for a farewell dinner and the first question to me was, “Woah!  What happened to you?  You look like a different person! I just saw you yesterday and you look totally different.”  Something shifted.  Honestly, I feel different this morning and lighter.  I feel like that heavy burden of baggage has been lifted. THANK YOU!!!

A.H., Calif.

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