Twin Flame mentoring

Due to time and energy constraints, I have had to close this service to new clients until 10 June. My apologies for this. Beti x


The twin flame journey can be difficult.  As a twin flame myself, I have learned a lot on this journey and it is part of my calling to help guide others on this.  To this end, I would love to help you on your journey and I hope my offering is accessible to you. If it calls to you, please read on.

What I can offer is what I feel is an affordable support base to get you through this part of the journey and onto your soul mission and towards union.  There are lots of active steps you can take to help the situation. Of course, nothing is guaranteed, but my hope it that you will feel supported.

Due to the complexity of situations and issues that are coming up in the twin flame sessions, I have been guided to extend the initial session to 45 minutes.

Follow up sessions can be half an hour.

The session will be over Zoom or Skype. I will send you the link before the day of the call.  If it’s on Zoom, the session will be recorded so you can have a reminder of what we discussed.

What does the mentoring session cover?

Issues we will cover and what the sessions could include:

  • general guidance for your particular situation and advice from your higher selves (yours and your twin’s)
  • boundary setting, getting your power back (with your twin and others)
  • cord cutting and energy drains
  • negative attachments/entities
  • Akashic healing and soul frequency retrieval (past lives)
  • Arcturian healing
  • Ascended master channeled guidance
  • Star family channeled guidance

You will receive channeled guidance from your higher self and your twin’s about the blocks to your union, the current patterns you need to change, and how they are feeling.

Many twins have been in permanent loops of behavior that have come from past lives, and these sessions can help you become aware of what these are so your behavior can change, to help you move to union.

In some cases, you will also receive healing from the Archangels and Arcturians, I will be guided when to offer this.


You need to be aware that where I am guided to remove attachments/negative toxic entities that may be plaguing you or your twin (that you/they may not even know about), the healing/recovery process from this can take 4-6 weeks with physical and emotional effects, and sleep impacts, as the toxic energies are cleared from your body and environment.

Negative attachments/energies can attach from past drug use (even prescription drugs), physical or sexual abuse, times of low vibration, alcohol abuse, black magic, and negative toxic parenting. These are complex situations and removal of such entities can have difficult physical effects in the short term, but can completely improve your life to positivity in the medium to long term, allowing you to remember your divine essence and step into your power.

Protect your energy

You will be protected during the session by the Archangels and Arcturians and I highly recommend that any meditation or channeling you do, or in any work where you open up to the spiritual realm, you call in the Archangels and the Arcturians to protect you and your energy field.

Once you have adopted the strategies recommended by your guidance team, and removed any negative attachments, this will really help your ascension journey and to get you on your soul mission path. And of course, your union!

General info

Hopefully, you are able to gain a lot of comfort and guidance from this for your journey.

At all stages, I will be guided by your higher self and the Archangels about what is in your best and highest good. These messages can be tough but they are designed to really give you the advice you need to hear to propel you forward, away from negative thinking, and to the positive future that your soul is urging you to work towards.

Please note, if there are negative attachments, even booking the session can set in train emotional and physical upheaval, as part of your recovery process as the Arcturians and Archangels get to work to protect you (and your twin) from the attachments, until we can meet and clear them permanently. In this case, email me and let me know what is happening.

If you require more sessions, I will be guided to recommend these to you.

For more info, contact me at

Once payment is made, please email me to specify your time zone and best contact times.

All the best with your journey and thank you for your light!


Twin Flame Mentoring Service – includes 3 online sessions

We will connect via phone call/Zoom to discuss your twin situation and I will bring in channeled information for you from your guides. This includes 3 separate sessions, first session of 45 minutes, two follow up sessions of 30 minutes each. (1 x 45 min, 2x 30 min)



Twin Flame – 45 minute online guidance session

One-on-one phone call session via Zoom. I will bring in channeled guidance for your particular situation. A healing can also be offered. Please be advised in some cases, an entity clearing will also be involved (where guided by the Archangels and your higher self). This can have physical effects.



Twin Flame mentoring – Additional sessions of 30 minutes each

Via Zoom. These are only after the initial session.



Twin Flame mentoring – Akashic healing sessions (45 min)

Past lives - we will be guided on which lives to heal and clear and retrieve lost soul frequencies for. You will be protected by the Archangels and the Arcturians during the session.