Twin Flame mentoring

The twin flame journey can be difficult.  As a twin flame myself, I have learned a lot on this journey and it is part of my calling to help guide others on this.  To this end, I would love to help you on your journey and I hope my offering is accessible to you. If it calls to you, please read on.

What I can offer is what I feel is an affordable support base to get you through this part of the journey and onto your soul mission and towards union.  There are lots of active steps you can take to help the situation. Of course, nothing is guaranteed, but my hope it that you will feel supported.

My offering is to do a half hour (30 minute) skype call with you per month, for three months. Hopefully, these three sessions will answer any questions you have and help get you on your soul mission path.

I am pricing the service at $50USD per month, for 3 months, a total of $150USD. This will include 3, 30 minute Skype/Zoom online calls in total.

Hopefully, you are able to gain a lot of comfort and guidance from this for your journey.

Contact me at if you are interested, and please also specify your time zone and best contact times.

Where I feel guided to, I can offer you a single session for $50USD. Please email me before booking to confirm one session is adequate for you.

All the best with your journey and thank you for your light!

Twin Flame Mentoring Service – includes 3 online sessions

We will connect via phone call/Zoom to discuss your twin situation and I will bring in channeled information for you from your guides. This includes 3 separate sessions of 30 minutes each.


Twin Flame – 30 minute guidance session

One-on-one phone call session via Zoom. I will bring in channeled guidance for your particular situation.