You Tube Channel – Twin Light Tarot

My YouTube channel is Twin Light Tarot at

There you can find current energy readings for divine masculine and divine feminine twin flames.


*Arcturian healing + AA Metatron Merkabah light body activation – paypal buttons bottom of page*


**Live** Twin Flame Q + A chat,

meditation (free) and healing (optional, by energy exchange)

+ Light Body/Merkabah Activation with Archangel Metatron (optional, see below)

**this Saturday 30 March 2019

4pm NY, 8pm London UK**

(1pm Vancouver, Sun 31 March 7am Melb, AU)

Powerful 3-3-3 day + ascension gateway

Channeled guidance + meditation

Light activations, Angelic realm + ascended masters present

All Divine Feminines + Masculines welcome.

Lightworkers + starseeds welcome.

Healing to be administered by the Arcturians, of divine Christ Consciousness.

Healing (by energy exchange of $11.11USD or $22.22USD for deeper healing) 

Archangel Metatron Merkabah Light body activation – $12.12USD

Healing is optional, you don’t have to pay for the healing to participate in the Q + A.

(If you can’t afford the energy exchange, the Arcturians are happy to work on your healing, in exchange for you assisting others in some way.)

Session will be recorded, healing can take place any time on playback of session.

PLEASE NOTE: physical effects can result from the healing and light body activation. Also note, the healings may begin the clearing of any negative entities lying dormant in you, which may require a one on one session to properly clear.

You Tube channel Twin Light Tarot

Healing meditation + chakra clearing by the Arcturians – 30 March 2019

Healing administered by the Arcturians. Helps to unblock chakra channel. Improve connection to higher self and source.


Deeper, more intensive Arcturian healing + chakra clearing 30 March 2019

Chakra healing and clearing, angelic code DNA activation, more intensive (more resources applied). Healing offered by the Arcturians, divine Christ Consciousness beings.


Archangel Metatron Light Body (Merkabah) Activation $12.12USD

Activates your light body or etheric “shell” for the next stage of your ascension journey. Meditate for 30 minutes. Grounding required afterwards. Some dizziness and other physical symptoms may result.