You Tube Channels

There are two YouTube channels:

Divine Light Channelings (previously “Galactic Channelings”) focused on channeled messages and activations from galactic beings of light. Will also have live starseed activation sessions in the near future.  The channel is located at:

Twin Light Tarot, which focuses on messages for the twin flame collective, divine masculine and divine feminine energy readings and soul mission messages.  The address is:

Please note, these channels are no longer being updated. (As at May 2022)

No You Tube live activation sessions are currently scheduled. The below is historical information – the healings/activations that were offered at past live sessions.


*Channeled guidance

**Healing energies

**Light activations

**Angelic realm, Ascended Masters, Galactic Family of Light present

**All twin flames, lightworkers, starseeds welcome.

Just click onto the Twin Light Tarot channel page on you tube at the right time for your location. Q+A is available via the chat function on You Tube.

Healings/activations are optional, by energy exchange – they are also always accessible without monetary exchange – please see details below


*NEW: Mary Magdalen Divine Feminine timeline and persecution healing (see below for more info)

  • White Dragon Collective Divine Protection, Purification and Shielding Activation
  • Lyran Divine Gift Healing + Solar Plexus Activation

  • St Germain + Ascended Masters Violet Flame Healing

  • Goddess Isis 7 Ray Light Healing

  • Arcturian Activations and Chakra Clearings (2 options)

  • Light Body/Merkabah Activation with Archangel Metatron

See details, channeled messages, and payment buttons below.

PLEASE NOTE: physical effects can result from all healings and activations (that’s the point of them, really, as they clear out old energetic debris from our emotional bodies and chakra channel.) But they can trigger emotional releases etc, which, while extremely positive for your growth long term, can be challenging to integrate in the short term, particularly if you are under 3D pressure in any way, so please consider carefully before purchasing. Be confident that you can safely integrate the physical/emotional changes that can ensue. xxx


After purchase, please know effects can start straight away, even before the You Tube live. We will guide more of the energies during the You Tube live but your spirit guides will most likely start these activations and healings before the session. Just so you know! It is recommended you avoid alcohol in the lead up and post the activation.

  • Mary Magdalen Divine Feminine timeline + persecution healing – Aimed at healing and releasing persecution timelines, grief, healing solar plexus wounding, and activating spiritual chakras. Expect an intense physical release and emotional purge (the extent of this is always dictated by your spirit guides). Powerful, enveloping and supportive divine feminine energies can be expected. More info below.
  • White Dragon Collective Divine Protection, Purification and Shielding Activation – Powerful purification energy from God’s army, the White Dragon Collective, who work with the Archangels. $2.22USD  Emotional release as energetic debris is cleared from your field. Very intense clearing and activation energies. Will have physical effects. More info below.
  • Lyran Divine Gift Healing and Solar Plexus Activation – intense healing of solar plexus past life wounding to reconnect spiritual gifts, divine yellow ray/golden light healing of the emotional and etheric bodies by Galactic Family of Light, the Lyrans, Elohim of Divine Christ Consciousness.  $11.22USD  (for souls who have already done some healing).  This activation is intense and is recommended only for people who have moved their healing journey forward substantially. An emotional purge is possible from past life clearing.
  • St Germain and Ascended Masters Violet Flame healing – administered by St Germain and Ascended Masters of the Great White Brotherhood of Man, with the Lords of the 7 Rays.  Energy exchange $4.44USD. Gentle, heart expansion and emotional body healing, for twin flames in particular, to reignite the violet flame in your heart. (See channeled message below) (Please note, if you cannot afford the energy exchange, do not hesitate to ask St Germain directly in your meditations to help with your heart healing.)
  • Goddess Isis 7 Rays healing:  administered by Goddess Isis with the Chohans of the 7 Rays and the Archangels.  $7.77USD  (Please note if you cannot afford the energy exchange, just connect to Mother Earth and invite the energy in, and the healing will be applied in return for your light healing your surroundings) Please note: this is an intense healing and can lead to an emotional purge for a few days afterwards.
  • Arcturian Healing: (NOT recommended if you may have entity attachments. For more info, read the Arcturian Angelic Code DNA Activation page please.)  This clearing is to be administered by the Arcturians, galactic beings of divine Christ Consciousness.  By energy exchange of $11.11USD or $22.22USD for deeper healing. (If you can’t afford the energy exchange, the Arcturians are happy to work on your healing, in exchange for you assisting others in some way. Just invite them in. Note: This healing can have intense physical effects.)
  • Archangel Metatron: Merkabah Light body activation – $12.12USD Helps to clear energetic and emotional detritus from your light body, aura, and all emotional bodies.  (Note: this activation will have physical effects. Grounding needed. Some dizziness can result. Best to sit up for this activation and rest afterwards.)

The healings/activations are optional, you don’t have to pay for the healings to participate in the live. 

The healings are also always available by just asking your Guides and Ascended Masters, you do not have to make a monetary exchange.

The You Tube live session will be recorded, and the healings and activations can take place any time on playback of session. 

Make sure to seal and protect your space with Archangel Michael and Galactic Family of Light/the Arcturians when opening up to receive healings and activations.


  • Mary Magdalen Divine Feminine timeline + persecution healing

This is a new healing and it is expected to be intense. Best that you are in a good emotional space.  It may resonate with you if you feel some persecution timelines / past lives are blocking your spiritual progress and gift activation. It may also resonate if you feel you have been silenced in this lifetime or past lives. As it involves timeline healing, you can expected physical impacts and fatigue as the retrieved soul frequencies or fragments are integrated. Make sure to rest as needed over the following few weeks.

“This healing is designed to assist the ascension and acceleration into higher power and growth of divine feminines who are finding their voice and remembering their true divinity. So many timelines of pain and silencing are etched into their souls.

This healing, while not easy to process, will give one the strength and propulsion forward needed for the last leg of your personal ascension and union journey. It is always my desire that this growth leads to harmonious union with your divine beloved.”  (Mary Magdalen, 5 August 2020)

  • White Dragon Collective Divine Protection, Purification and Shielding Activation

I experienced this powerful activation/clearing on 19 May 2020 for the first time. The White Dragon Collective was described to me as God’s army, who work with the Archangels and Galactic family of light to remove negative energies from Earth and the fields of key starseeds and twin flames. Their energy is super pure and powerful. I was visited by the White Dragon Collective on 19 May. The safety, love and protection I felt allowed/facilitated or made way for a huge emotional release of locked-up terror, feelings of abandonment, solitariness, loneliness, of having no defenses in the Earth realm. I felt protected and shielded, embraced. Lower vibes were removed, my energetic field was cleaned. It felt like a shower of pure, divine love and cleansing, of fierceness and strength, but the release was very physical. It is advised you take things easy, physically, post activation.

Please know, if you cannot afford the energetic exchange in the form of money, you are invited to “ask, with humility and gratitude, the White Dragon Collective to work with you to clear negative energies.” Channeled 19 May 2020.

  • St Germain –

“For carriers of the violet flame, those who answered the call to help Gaia heal and clear, to raise her frequency, to ensure her own rise to salvation, we, the Ascended Masters of the Great White Brotherhood of Man, thank you, and, with the Lords of the 7 Rays, offer you a divine light ray healing through this Channel.

We also come to light the violet flame in your heart, so that you can learn your own strength, remember your own divine power, the power of love that lights your soul, and so that you can guide others.

Let us help you light the violet flame in your heart again, so that you can show the way to love for all other souls on earth.


St Germain and the Chohans of the 7 Rays.”

message channeled 21 June 2019

  • Goddess Isis 7 Rays Divine Light Healing

Channeled 8/5/19

“Dear child,

Please record my message for the collective as follows –

It is my privilege to offer your viewers, in conjunction with the Lords and Chohans of the 7 Rays, who guard and guide all of your brethren to the healing chambers of the spiritual retreats akin to each Ray, to offer the divine grace of 7 Ray light healing to all of your divine feminine and divine masculine viewers.

The toxic energy on mother earth has been such that it has absorbed into the etheric fields and hearts of our divine counterparts, and so we offer, as a counterpoint, the divine healing of the 7 Rays from the Great Central Sun.

Though there is an energy exchange, if these beings cannot afford the recompense in earth amounts, let them know to simply connect to mother earth, and their divine service in healing and spreading their light will be acknowledged, and healing returned to them, without need for earthly monetary exchange.

I am Mother, Goddess Isis, and it is with so much pleasure and divine love and joy that I connect with all of those who want to connect with me.

In your meditation, for those who choose to call me in, I will see to it that the divine heavenly essence of the most magical and powerful 7 Rays of source will be applied to their heart and etheric healing.

Call me in, dear children. It is time to heal and step forward into your power, your full divine essence.


Goddess Isis”

  • Arcturian healing, chakra clearing + Angelic Code DNA activation

The Arcturians have advised me as follows:

“It brings us the greatest pleasure to work with you in healing all the souls who need it on earth.  Please tell them to trust in us, as eternal divine Christ Consciousness, eternally in service of source. We will work on the meditation clients in the following ways – we work on energy exchange as this is our view on how the universe should operate, an even exchange of energy, a balance. We will always help those in need who ask, so please tell them to connect to us even if they can’t afford the exchange in money, they may be able to give to others in another way and that is perfect and beautiful to us too.  We will offer an intensive healing if they like for $22.22 – they will get more than double the energy applied in terms of resources than the $11.11 healing, but please offer that too.

Child, please let them know: we are not just healing now, we are activating latent Angelic code DNA – this is latent in most beings of divine Christ Consciousness and we resonate strongly with your subscribers.  If they feel the resonance, please tell them to connect to us for healing their soul needs. There are so many energy traps in them at present, their chakras are blocked with stuck energy, trapped energy from childhood wounds and past life traumas. We will get to work on them, and let them know we will not stop until there is a discernible improvement in them from where they last were.”

Arcturian High Council 7 Feb 2019

  • Merkabah Light Body Activation with Archangel Metatron:

Channeled message 8 March 2019 re Light Body Activation:

“Dear child,

Some of your subscribers have progressed in their clearing and are ready to activate their light bodies or etheric “shell” into the next stage of their ascension journey.  What will happen is that when you meditate, rather than focusing on their chakra clearing, I will work with my team to accelerate the light body particulate frequency around them.  Tell them to remain grounded and ground themselves afterwards.  They should meditate for 30 minutes.

This activation will start their light body or merkabah activation and is the next part of the ascension journey.  Their field will clear and grow in strength, and affect their environment, helping not only to heal and strengthen them, but also helping to heal Gaia and the beings they come into contact with. I would like you to offer this during any meditation sessions from now on.  It is my honour and privilege to work with these divine children to restore their divine strength, clearing their field and propelling them in their ascension journey.

The physical effects** are a lightness and some dizziness.  They should meditate later and ground themselves by walking in nature.  They will start to see the world in a new way.  Children, the rays of light are pouring in now to help you heal. Let this be another tool in your healing and ascension journey, activating your light body or Merkabah. Eternally in love and support,

Archangel Metatron”

8 March 2019.

**Note: physical effects are likely. Rest, grounding is needed afterwards. May have physical effects for a few days.